Kumasi Technical University KsTU Fees Schedule

By | February 7, 2018

Kumasi Technical University KsTU Fees Schedule

Kumasi Technical University KsTU Fees Schedule For 2021/2022

SNProgrammesSessions (GH)  
1HND Electrical and Electronic Engineering2,036.003,016.003,016.00
2HND Dispensing Technology2,026.00  
3HND Fashion Design and Textile Studies2,011.002,991.002,991.00
4HND Hotel Catering and Institutional Management2,011.002,991.00 
5HND Statistics1,961.00  
6HND Estate Management1,961.00  
7HND Marketing1,943.002,923.002,923.00
8HND Purchasing and Supply1,943.002,923.002,923.00
9HND Secretaryship and Management Studies1,963.002,923.002,923.00
10HND Building Technology1,961.00  
11HND Chemical Engineering2,036.00  
12HND Civil Engineering2,036.00  
13HND Entrepreneurship and Finance1,985.00  
14HND Mechanical Engineering(FULL TIME)2,036.003,016.003,016.00
15Electrical Engineering Technician Part III1,754.00  
16Motor Vehicle Technicians Part III1,754.00  
17Mechanical Engineering Technicians Part III1,754.00  
18Construction Technician Course III1,754.00  
29Intermediate Catering 2,186.00 
30Electrical Engineering Technician Part II 2,196.00 
31Electrical Engineering Technician Part I 2,196.00 
32Mechanical Engineering Technicians Part I 2,196.00 
33Motor Vehicle Technicians Part I 2,196.00 
34Mechanical Engineering Technicians Part II 2,196.00 
35Construction Technicians Course I 2,196.00 
36Diploma in Computerized Accounting 2,623.00 
37HND Mechanical Engineering (TOP UP)1,995.002,975.002,975.00
38BTech Civil Engineering(Top-Up)2,425.003,859.003,859.00
39HND Computer Science1,986.002,966.00 
40BTech Accounting with Computing (Top Up)2,244.003,678.003,678.00
41BTech Estate Management (Top Up)  3,784.00
42BTech Building Technology (Top Up)  3,784.00
43Construction Technicians Course II 2,196.00 
44Diploma in Business Administration 2,562.00 
52Diploma in Electronic Marketing 2,562.00 
54HND Dispensing Technology(TOP UP)2,026.00  
55Diploma in Public Relations 2,562.00 
56Diploma in Procurement and Materials Management 2,562.00 
64HND Accounting with Computing2,048.003,028.003,028.00
67BTech Entrepreneurship (Top Up)2,104.0003,846.00
70Diploma in Information Technology 2,500.00 
71Diploma in Hardware and Networking 2,500.00 
72Diploma in Agribusiness and Finance 2,562.00 
73HND Medical Laboratory Technology2,026.00  
74HND Science and Industrial Laboratory Technology2,026.00  
75Diploma in Health Statistics 2,500.00 
76BTech Fashion Design and Modelling (Top Up)2,154.003,588.003,588.00
77Professional Diploma in Banking and Small Business Management 2,666.00 
80HND Computer Science (Top UP)1,936.002,916.00 
81BTech Marketing (Top Up) 3,520.003,520.00
82Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering 2,560.00 
83BTech Applied Statistics(Health Option)2,441.00 3,875.00
84BTech Applied Statistics (Finance Option)Top Up2,400.00 3,834.00
85HND Banking Technology and Finance2,048.003,028.003,028.00
86Diploma in Library and Information Science 2,500.00 
87Diploma in Banking Technology and Finance 2,605.00 
89Diploma in Fashion and Textiles Studies 2,550.00 
90BTech Chemical Engineering2,466.00  
91Access in BTech Building Technology  3,679.00
92BTech Electrical and Electronic Engineering (Top Up)2,425.003,859.003,859.00
93HND Interior Design Technology1,961.00  
94Diploma in Mass Communication and Journalism 2,500.00 
95Higher Diploma in Health Statistics1,961.00  
96Diploma in Education 2,562.00 
97MTech Health Statistics6,500.006,500.006,500.00
98MTech Financial Statistics6,500.006,500.006,500.00
99MTech Environmental Statistics6,500.006,500.006,500.00
100BTech Civil Engineering2,466.003,900.003,900.00
101MTech Water And Environmental Engineering7,000.007,000.007,000.00
102Higher Diploma in Health Statistics (Top-Up)1,920.00  
103BTech Secretaryship and Management Studies (4 Year)2,147.003,581.003,581.00
104< /td>BTech Procurement and Supply Chain Management (4 Year)2,127.003,561.003,561.00
105BTech Financial Statistics (4 Year)2,441.00 3,875.00
106BTech Environmental Statistics2,441.00 3,875.00
107BTech Applied Statistics ( Health Option)Top Up2,400.00 3,834.00
108Diploma in Mechanical Engineering 2,601.00 
109BTech Hospitality Management and Catering Technology (4 Year)2,195.003,629.00 
110BTech Agribusiness with Entrepreneurship2,169.00  
111BTech Data Science2,145.00  
112BTech Library and Information Science (4 year)2,145.003,579.003,579.00
113HND Secretaryship and Management Studies (Top Up)1,922.002,882.002,883.00
114HND Purchasing and Supply (Top Up)1,902.002,882.002,882.00
115HND Marketing (Top Up) 2,923.00 
116BTech Health Statistics (4 Year)2,441.00 3,875.00
117BTech Library and Information Science (Top Up)2,104.003,538.003,538.00
118MTech Chemical Engineering7,000.007,000.007,000.00
119Btech Fashion Design and Textiles Studies2,195.003,629.003,629.00
120BTech Entrepreneurship2,169.00  
121Btech Pharmaceutical Sciences2,195.00  
122BTech Computer Technology2,170.003,604.003,604.00
123BTech Hospitality Management and Catering Technology (TOP UP)  3,588.00
124BTech Health Statistics (Top Up)2,400.00 3,834.00
125BTech Mechanical Engineering2,466.003,900.003,900.00
126Access in BTech Chemical Engineering1,923.00  
127BTech Electrical and Electronic Engineering2,466.00 3,900.00
128BTech Building Technology2,391.00  
129BTech Oil and Gas Engineering2,466.00  
130Btech Pharmaceutical Sciences (Top Up)  3,588.00
131BTech Mechanical Engineering (Top Up)2,425.003,859.003,859.00
132Btech Computer Technology (Top Up)2,129.0003,563.00
133BTech Marketing2,127.003,561.003,561.00
134BTech Agribusiness with Entrepreneurship (Top UP)2,166.00  
135BTech Accounting with Computing2,285.003,719.003,719.00
137Construction Technicians Course III1,754.00  
138BTech Secretaryship and Management Studies (Top Up) 3,581.003,581.00
140HND Agribusiness and Entrepreneurship1,985.002,965.002,965.00
141BTech Applied Statistics (Environmental Option)Top Up2,400.00 3,834.00
142BTech Laboratory Technology2,195.00  
143BTech Food Technology2,195.00  
144Diploma in Automotive Engineering 2,601.00 
145BTech Automotive Engineering2,466.00  
146BTech Agric Mechanization Engineering2,466.00  

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