University of Ghana legon Accomodation

By | May 7, 2018

University of Ghana legon Accomodation

ll students who have been admitted at full time Legon campus and Korle Bu Campus are required to make residential application.

However, students who wish to stay out of campus should select non-residence in the application process.

Residential FacilityFees per Academic Year
Bani Hall4 in a Room Shared: GH¢ 2,900
African Union HallBlocks A,B,C:  GH¢2,600 per bed
Legon HallGH¢ 853.00
Akuafo HallGH¢ 853.00
Commonwealth HallGH¢ 853.00
Volta Hall (Female only)GH¢ 853.00
Mensah Sarbah HallGH¢ 853.00
Akuafo Hall Annexes C & DGH¢ 853.00
Mensah Sarbah Hall Annexes C & DGH¢ 853.00
Elizabeth Frances Sey HallGH¢ 1,790.00 (Residents) && GHC 2,236 (New Residents)
Jean Akah HallGH¢ 1,790.00 (Residents) && GHC 2,236 (New Residents)
Alex A. Kwapong HallGH¢ 1,790.00 (Residents) && GHC 2,236 (New Residents)
Hilla Liman HallGH¢ 1,790.00 (Residents) && GHC 2,236 (New Residents)
Jubilee HallGH¢ 908.00

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