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Alpha College Of Technology Tuition And Fees


Note: Refunds are made in accordance with the policies of the Board of Regents.

  • To withdraw officially from the University, a student must be processed through the Director of Admissions and Records.
  • Refunds are processed through the Finance Office after it receives proper documentation from the Director of Admission and Records Office.
  • The amount of refund is determined according to the effective date as shown on the formal withdrawal form.
  • Refunds will be made to the individual and/or to the agency that provided the fees and tuition.
  • No refund will be given to a student who partially withdraws from the University


Payment of fees may not be deferred. All fees are due and payable upon registration. Some mandatory fees are optional for the student taking less than six credit quarter hours. A student choosing an optional fee must make payment according to the following schedule:

Elective fees, as established by the institution, include dormitory rentals, meal plans, post office box rentals, etc. A student who elects and/or benefits from elective fees, as established by the institution, must make payment immediately.

The registration process is not complete until all applicable fees are paid. A student’s classes may be cancelled if all applicable fees are not paid within the specific time frame. Any payment offered past this specific time frame may require permission from the registrar or his/her designee. A financial obligation is created by the approved financial aid recipient with the submission of a fee statement, in lieu of payment, will consider the financial aid student registered; therefore, the financial aid recipient has an obligation to follow all procedures to either complete payment or formally withdraw. The effective date of withdrawal may indicate a financial obligation is due Alpha University College of Technology, which may require payment with funds other than financial aid.


The Financial Aid Office will advise the Finance Office if refunds from donor-designated scholarshipsare to be given to the student or to the donor.  All other refunds will be applied to the financial aid/scholarship fund.

For Financial Information contact:

Student Accounts Office

Alpha University College of Technology

P. O. Box KN 5847, Kaneshie-Accra.

Tel : 233-20 8186256

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