Lancaster University Ghana Executive MBA Admission

By | June 5, 2018

Lancaster University Ghana Executive MBA Admission

We aim to make the admissions process as easy and streamlined as possible for our prospective Executive MBA candidates.  Our admissions team are always on standby to give you all the assistance you need to complete your application.

All applicants must complete the online registration and application form by creating an accountand providing the supporting documentation.  Creating an online account is a very easy step which allows you to save your application and come back to update documents as and when you are ready.
The essential documents that we would need in order to consider an application are the following:
• Completed application form
• Copy of the degree transcript
• 5 years work experience
• CV
• Personal statement
Documentation such as GMAT, English scores, the 2nd reference, etc. should also be provided if they are available, however an application can still be considered without them.
Completed application forms can be submitted online.
If you have any difficulties you can feel free to pass by our office and one of our admissions officers can assist you with the process.

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