2018 / 2019 Online Application For Zenith University College

By | June 18, 2018

2018 / 2019 Online Application For Zenith University College


At Zenith University College students have the opportunity to learn from experts and cultivate strong relationships with peers and their departments. You may wish to build upon your professional knowledge, study a particular area of interest or enhance your career prospects. Whatever your motivation, Zenith University College can offer you an exciting and enriching intellectual experience.

Our accomplished department members share both strong academic credentials and real-world experience in their field. Most of the lecturers will be available before and after classes in addition to their regular office hours because they understand that teaching does not begin and end in the classroom.

Zenith University College can play a role in helping you achieve your academic and professional goal.

What do you get from Zenith University College?

– Tuition from dedicated and experienced lecturers

– Access to 24 hour internet facility on campus

– Access to an up-to-date and well stocked library


– Free Introductory tuition in computing and access to the College’s state-of-the-art computer laboratory
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External Programmes
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Short Courses

The University offers a range of short courses aimed at helping people in organizations and institutions develop some skills needed for professional success.

Our Internship Scheme

Zenith University College seeks to produce an individual who, not only, is academically prepared to pass their final examinations with top grades but could be versatile enough to engage their skills to meet challenges in various roles as middle and top management personnel in industry, commence and public service. In line with this policy an Internship Scheme to meet this need is in place. During long semester breaks, students are sent on attachment to various organizations to acquaint themselves with the demands in the real working environment. A progress and performance report on each student is required after the exercise each time students are engaged.

Upgrading Skills in English Language and Mathematics (USMEF) Scheme

This is a remedial programme designed to prepare our students for higher academic aspirations. Students who do not meet the entry requirements of some degree programmes due to their aptitude level in English and mathematics are placed in the USMEF Scheme. The Scheme runs parallel with preparatory course such as ABE that offers a ground floor opportunity to all students. The Scheme is also ideal for non-English speaking nationals living in Ghana who wish to study in local and foreign Anglophone Colleges or Universities

General Information

The University is registered under the Companies’ Code (Act 179) 1963 as a body corporate limited by guarantee with perpetual succession and a common seal.
The University does not give financial assistance to students accepted for its programmes. Fees are to be paid in full on registration at the beginning of every semester.

Foreign Students

Foreign students may be admitted if they hold relevant qualifications equivalent to those listed above. Evidence of a command of the English language at the ordinary level or the SSSCE/WASSCE or its equivalent is required.

Health Policy-smoking

There is no smoking permitted on University premise at any time. This policy is for the health and safety of all employees and students. Your cooperation is requested, as this policy must be rigidly enforced to comply with the College health and safety requirements and to maintain proper insurance coverage for our building.

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