Advanced Business College 2018 / 2019 Admission Ongoing

By | June 21, 2018

Advanced Business College 2018 / 2019 Admission Ongoing

Mahatma Gandhi once said, “Be the change you want to see in the world”. If you want the society and the community to grow and develop, it is you who need to first stand up for the change. While making this change is not so easy, we know that it is not impossible, for sure. With the power of knowledge and strong dedication, many revolutions have been brought in the past and changes can be made in the future as well! All it needs is strong will power and effective guidance. It is for you to generate the will to change and evolve, we can provide the right guidance and support in the path.

The Advanced Business College invites application for different courses and programmes for the upcoming academic session. The institute has a number of degrees, diplomas and pre-university programmes for which the admissions are in progress with the deadline approaching soon. The various programmes for which the applications are invited are-

Degree Programs
1.    Degree Programme in Graphic Designing (B.Sc. Graphic Design)
2.    Degree Programme in Management Studies. This has the following specialties
a)    BSc Accounting & Finance
b)    BSc Marketing
c)    BSc Human Resource

Higher National Diploma
The Advanced Business College offers Higher National Diploma (HND) in three specializations, which are:
1.    HND in Accountancy
2.    HND in Marketing
3.    HND in Secretaryship and Office Management

Pre-University Programmes
The College provides pre-university diploma programmes in following specializations:
1.    Business Administration
2.    Accounting
3.    Information Technology
4.    Marketing
5.    Office Management and Secretaryship.
Students can take up either the 9 months Pre-University Diploma or the specially designed and well-integrated Advanced Business Certificate Examination (ABCE), or both, for their pre-university studies.

Apart from these, the College also seeks applications for the following certificate courses and Professional Programs:
Certificate Courses
1.        Certificate in Graphic Design
2.        Certificate in Event Management

Professional Programmes

  •   Journalism and Media Studies
  •   Business Management
  •   Human Resource Management
  •   Accounting & Finance
  •   Human Resource Management
  •   Computing & Information System
  •   Computer Engineering
  •   Shipping & Logistics
  •   Oil & Gas Management
  •   Project Management
  •   Business Management

Interested candidates can apply online by completing the online application form. You can also download an appropriate application form and complete it. If you require further information you can contact the College help desk telephonically or by email We wish to see you all as a part of the growing ABC family.

Hoping for your successful life and a bright future!

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