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2020 / 2021 Online Registration For GIMPA

2020 / 2021 Online Registration For GIMPA

2020 / 2021 Online Registration For GIMPA

All admitted students should follow carefully the general guidelines below to Register Online.

Full registration will involve the full payment of academic fees, course registration and the printing and endorsement of proof of registration.

Should you encounter any challenges during the process of registration kindly contact us on our dedicated hotlines from 08:00am – 08:00pm.



E-mail Address: –

Your co-operation towards a hitch free on-line registration is solicited.

Step 1. Payment of Academic Fees

Pay your fees according to your approved fee payment plan in addition to any outstanding balance at any GIMPA approved bank. Ensure that you quote correctly YOUR Student ID number communicated to you by your School and that the information captured by the teller is accurate before you leave the bank.

*Online registration can only be done 48 hours after payment has been made at the bank.

Note that you will not be able to register if you pay even a cedi less than the required amount. Any payment made after the registration deadline will not be acknowledged for registration purposes.

Pay at any Unibank Branch your approved fee payment plan in addition to any outstanding balance.



Step 2. Academic Registration Online

1. Visit the GIMPA Website( and click on “ONLINE REGISTRATION”.

2. Scroll down and find “Online Registration” on the right hand side and click on it. See arrow.

3. Type in your Student ID Number, allowed by a default 5-digit PIN “13579”. Click on “login”.

4. Change the default PIN to your own personalized PIN that you must always remember. Do not start with a “0” or end with a “0”. Same numbers should not follow each other like “11” “22” etc. (If you receive the message –“illegal login” contact the registration helpdesk for assistance).

5. Then click on “Login” to enter the registration system. Click on “Registration” under the Student iEnabler (on the left side of the screen). Accept rules and regulations of the institute and click on “submit registration”.

6. Then click on the “blue letters” under “Qualification Code” and select “Register for This Qualification”. (Qualification means programme of study eg. MBA Finance MBAF)

7. Then click “Save and Continue” to see the list of courses that are relevant to your level. To register for courses from the list, click on the small box close to the course code and title to select the courses you are required to register for the semester.

8. Click on “save and continue” to see the list of courses you selected. You can click on “Restart Process” if you need to make some corrections.

9. Then click on “Continue” to view your fee status.

10. Click on “Accept Registration” if you are sure you have registered correctly, to complete registration.

11. Your registration is saved and accepted when this window opens.

12. Now click on “Printer Friendly Format” and print proof of registration PDF ! , Print a copy for yourself and submit a copy to the secretariat. Click on “LOG-OUT” to EXIT the system.

Note that once you complete your registration you can only ADD to your courses but cannot DELETE.

Note; Payment of fees is not Registration.


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