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KNUST 2018 GEAAA Prof. Nicholas Kumapley Scholarship Fund

Award Description

The Scholarship Award was created to honor the legacy of the Late Professor Nicholas Kumapley of Kwame Nkrumah University of Science & Technology, Kumasi, Ghana.
Professor Kumapley made great contributions in teaching and mentoring students and young professionals who pursue engineering and science as a profession.
The scholarship awards are given by GEAAA annually to engineering, architectural and mathematics/science students who demonstrate excellent academic performance/innovation.


The goal is to encourage Ghanaian students worldwide to pursue academic careers in Engineering, Architecture, Science, Mathematics & Technology to help improve the quality of life & economic growth of Africa.
Amount of Scholarship Awards: US$ 200 to U$500


  1. Be a University or Polytechnic Student (Undergraduate or Post-Graduate) with a major in Engineering, Architecture, Science or Mathematics
  2. Must demonstrate high academic achievement in Engineering, Architecture, or Mathematics/Science
  3. Be planning a career in Engineering, Architecture or Mathematics/Science
  4. Must demonstrate strong interest in developing concepts that contribute towards solutions to technological challenges in Africa.

Procedure for Application

  1. Complete attached Application Form
  2. Narrative/Essay (350-400 words) A description of research, or other interest as it contributes to the goals of the Scholarship Fund. Explain what motivated you to choose a career path in Engineering, Architecture or Mathematics/Science
  3. Resume /Curriculum Vitae

In not more than 1 page indicate the following:

  • Education (University, Secondary, Technical Schools attended & degrees/diploma or other certificate received, if any)
  • Professional or other Certification received, or honors awarded, if any
  • Professional Associations/Affiliations, if any
  • Technical Publications and/or Projects, if any
  1. Academic Transcripts from a Tertiary Institution or Proof of Admission into a Tertiary Institution
  2. A letter of recommendation from individual in supervisory position
  3. Submit Application and all Supporting Documents to


Scholarship Schedule

Awardees will be notified not later than NOVEMBER 30, 2018

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