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All Undergraduate and Diploma Continuing Students are to note that registration for the First Semester, 2018/2019 Academic Year, will take place as follows:
Date: Monday, 27th August – Saturday, 1st September, 2018
The Registration procedure shall involve three main steps:
Step 1: Payment of Fees
All Students are required to pay the appropriate Academic Facility User Fees at any branch of the following designated banks:

  • Weekend School Students – Ecobank
  • Mainstream Students (Morning & Evening) – Access Bank

Ensure that you quote correctly your Student Identification Number on all the pay-in-slips.
Log on to  or follow the link on to disburse the payment.
Note 1:   It is NOT POSSIBLE to disburse academic facility user fees paid at Ecobank on interpay. Please present your Ecobank pay-in-slips to Students Account Office located on the 1st Floor of Access Bank UPSA branch for assistance in case of any difficulty.
Step 2: Course Registration
Proceed to do the on-line course registration. Access the on-line registration portal by logging on to Print out two (2) copies of Proof of Registration Slip upon successful completion of the on-line registration. All Level 400 students are advised to contact their respective departments for the pairing of elective courses before doing the registration.
Note 2:  The on-line registration can only be done between the hours of 8.00pm to 7.00am each day.
   This is owed to the excessive congestion we are experiencing on our system.
Step 3:  Submission and Endorsement of Proof of Registration Slips
Submit the Proof of Registration Slips to your Department Officer for endorsement after which one (1) copy of the slip will be given back to you. Weekend Students are, nonetheless,
requested to carry out the same process at the Weekend School Secretariat. Step 3 completes the process of registration. As reminder, the deadline for submission of the Proof of Registration Slips is Saturday, 1st September, 2018.
Registration Help Desk
Students experiencing any difficulties in registering may come to Room 7, Academic Affairs or call the following telephone lines: 0303-937544 or 0303-937542
Note Carefully:

  • All students are to note that late registration will not be entertained. Students who register late risk paying penalty ranging from GH¢50.00 – GH¢400.00.


  • Any student who fails to register within the stipulated period of registration shall be prevented from taking part in the end of semester’s examinations.


  • Students who have any queries concerning the courses they are to register should contact their respective Heads of Department.


  • Students are strongly advised to keep in a safe place all copies of payment receipts and endorsed proof of registration slip. In the event of any difficulty arising from a student’s registration, the Academic Affairs Directorate shall demand an inspection of all receipts and registration materials.

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