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UEW 2019 / 2020 Admission into Sandwich Undergraduate Programmes

UEW 2019 / 2020 Admission into Sandwich Undergraduate Programmes

Applications are invited from qualified applicants for admission into the following programmes at the University of Education, Winneba for the 2019/2020 academic year.

Programme Titles and Locations



  1. B. A.  (Art Education)
  2. B. Ed. (Basic Education – Primary Option)
  3. B. Ed. (Basic Education – JHS Option)
  4. B. Ed. (Early Childhood Education)
  5. B. A.  (English Education)
  6. B. A.  (French Education)
  7. B. A.  (Linguistics Education)
  8. B. A.  ( Communication and Media Studies)
  9. B. Sc. (Physical Education)
  10. B. Sc. (Home Economics Education)
  11. B. Sc. (Mathematics Education)
  12. B. A.  (Music Education)
  13. B. Sc. (Sports Coaching)
  14. B. A.  (Economics Education)
  15. B. A.  (Geography Education)
  16. B. A.  (History Education)
  17. B. A.  (Political Science Education)
  18. B. A.  (Social Studies Education)
  19. B. Ed  (Community-Based Rehabilitation and Disability Studies)
  20. B. A.  (Graphic Design)
  21. B. A.  (Theatre Arts)
  22. B. Music
  23. B. BA. (Accounting)
  24. B. BA. (Human Resource)
  25. B. BA. (Banking & Finance)
  26. B. BA. (Marketing)
  27. B. BA. (Procurement & Supply Chain Management)
  28. B. Sc. (Integrated Science Education)
  29. B. Sc. (Textile Design & Fashion Studies Education)
  30. B. Sc. (Physics Education)
  31. B. Sc. (Chemistry Education)
  32. B. Sc. (Biology Education)
  33.  B. Sc. (Information & Communication Technology Education)
  34. B. Sc. (Health Administration & Education)
  35. B. Ed. (Special Education)
  36. Post-Diploma (Guidance & Counselling)
  37. Post-Diploma (Community-Based Rehabilitation & Disability Studies)
  38. Post-Diploma (Early Childhood Education)
  39. Post-Diploma (Basic Education)
  40. Post-Diploma in Music
  41. Post-Diploma in Theatre Arts
  42. Post-Diploma in Art Education
  43. Post-Diploma in Graphic Design
  44. Post-Diploma in Music Education
  45. Post-Diploma in Textile Design and Fashion Studies Education
  46. Diploma in Community-Based Rehabilitation & Disability Studies
  47. Diploma in Coaching
  48. Diploma in Theatre Arts
  49. Diploma in Music
  50. Diploma in Graphic Design
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  1. B. Sc. (Accounting Education)
  2. B. Sc. (Management Education)
  3. B. A.  (English Education)
  4. B. Sc. (Information Technology Education)
  5. B. BA. (Secretarial Education)
  6. B. Sc. (Marketing)
  7. B. Sc. (Fashion & Textiles Design Education)
  8. B. Sc. (Catering & Hospitality Education)
  9. B. BA. (Management)
  10. B. BA. (Executive Office Administration)
  11. B. Sc. (Mechanical and Automotive Technology Education)
  12. B. Sc. (Wood Technology Education)
  13. B. Sc. (Construction Technology Education)
  14. B. Sc. (Electricals/Electronics Technology Education)
  15. B. Sc. (Banking & Finance)
  16. B. Sc. (Purchasing & Supply)
  17. B. Sc. (Business Information Systems)
  18. B. Sc. (Information Technology)
  19. B. A.  (Arabic Education)
  20. B. Sc. (Mathematics Education)



  1. B. Sc. (Integrated Science Education)
  2. B. Sc. (Environmental Health & Sanitation Education)
  3. B. Sc. (Biological Sciences)
  4. B. Ed  (Natural Resource Management)
  5. B.Ed.  (Early Childhood Education)
  6. B.Sc.  (Agribusiness Management with Education)
  7. B. Sc. (Chemistry Education)
  8. B. Sc. (Agriculture Education)



  1.  B. A. Twi Education
  2.  B. A. Fante Education
  3.  B. A. Nzema Education
  4.  B. A. Dagbani Education
  5.  B. A. Dagaare Education
  6.  B. A. Gonja Education
  7.  B. A. Gurune Education
  8.  B. A. Kasem Education
  9.  B. A. Kusaal Education
  10.  B. A. Ewe Education
  11.  B. A. Ga Education
  12.  B. A. Dangme Education


Mature Applicants

i. Must be at least, 25 years by September 1, 2019.

ii. Should have a minimum of a GCE/SSSCE/WASSCE Certificate/ DBS or RSA certificate.

iii. Must pass the UEW Entrance Exam in General Aptitude Test (GAT) and Subject Area Test (SAT)


How to Apply

1. Obtain an Application Voucher from any of the following Banks/Sources: GCB Bank, Agric. Development Bank (ADB), Ecobank, Zenith Bank, Unibank, Fidelity Bank, Republic Bank, and VISA Credit/Debit Card. International Students should use a VISA card.

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2. Visit the University’s website at Click on Admissions, and select Apply Online >>>. Log in with your Voucher Serial Number and PIN, fill an appropriate application form and submit online.


Cost of Online Application Forms

Bachelor’s degree and Diploma programmes

  1. Mature   Applicants                                – GH¢330.00
  2. Post Diploma Applicants                       -GH¢230.00


  1. A Fee-paying facility is available to applicants who do not meet the competitive selection cut-offs but satisfy the minimum university requirements.
  2. Special Education applicants should pass the entrance examination in their second programme before selection.
  3. Successful applicants of Ghanaian Language would be given the opportunity to offer a second subject in English/French/Linguistics/German.
  4. Physical Education and Sports Coaching applicants should not be more than Forty (40) and Fifty (50) years respectively.
  5. Submitting an application with supporting documents is the first step in the selection process. Applicants are entreated to study the admissions brochure carefully before completing an application.
  6.  All certificates and results other than those from the West African Examinations Council, the Universities and Polytechnics in Ghana and institutions accredited by the National Accreditation Board should be cleared with the National Accreditation Board and the evaluation report submitted to the university. You can call 0302-518630, 286013/14, 518570 for assistance.


Closing Date for Submission of Application Forms

 Mature Applicants:              30th March, 2019

 Post-Diploma Applicants:    31st May, 2019

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