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By | September 14, 2021

2021-22 UCC Hostels Fees– Book Now

UCC Hostels Fees – Book Now ; Current and prospective students are encouraged to take advantage of the accommodation services provided in the University of Cape Coast for graduate studies. If you are unsure about the services, please contact the School of Graduate Studies Office.


Phone: +233 (0)3321 35351

E-mail: graduatestudies@ucc.edu.gh

The University of Cape Coast School of Graduate Studies has available a Graduate Hostel (Valco Trust Fund Graduate Hostel) that houses graduate students. The Alumni Hostel, UCC Superannuation Hostel and SSNIT Hostels are also available to give comfort and relaxation to graduate students.

In addition to these hostels, there are also a number of hostels which provides accommodation for graduate students. Some of the most popular hostels are the: SRC Hostel, NEST Hostel, Baduwa Hostel, Success City, Oye Inn, Sterna Hostel, JODOK Hostel and Joenell Hostel.

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Most of these hostels are located on campus and are easily accessible to students. Graduate students are expected to make their own accommodation arrangements. International students should contact the Centre for International Education (CIE) for assistance.

Graduate Hostel


Tel: +233 (0) 3321 37167; (0) 3321 37171

Alumni Hostel


Tel: +233 (0) 289017081; Fax: 03321 (0) 321 39

E-mail: uccahostel@gmail.com

UCC Superannuation Hostel


Tel: 0243335186

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