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By | January 8, 2020

2021 / 2022 UDS Hostels And Its Residential Fees

2021 / 2022 UDS Applicant Hostels And Its Residential Fees ; Notice is hereby given that 2021/2022 academic year Freshers interested in applying to reside in the UDS Hostel are to take note of the following:

Q. How do I get accommodation?

A. Once you are fresher you will be provided with accommodation at one of the university’s Halls. Apart from the university halls Nyankpala and Navrongo campuses have Ghana Hostel built by SSNIT which the Senior Hall Tutors can allocate to you.

Q. Can I rent a private hostel?

A. As a fresher you do not know the campus so the university has reserved accommodation for you. You need to verify from the Senior Hall Tutors of your campus if there is no accommodation for you before they can authorize you to go to a private hostel. Contact the university authorities and SRC to know accredited and safer private hostels. Applicants coming to Tamale campus should contact the Senior Hall Tutors and the Hostel Manager for Sagnarigu hall and GUSS hostel respectively for space.

Q. Does the fees on my admission letter cover accommodation fees?

A. No it does not cover. The accommodation fees is called residential facility user fees (RFUF)

Q. How much is the RFUF?

A. The RFUF varies from one campus to another and you need check the table at the bottom for the fees. Most of our rooms take four students. Two students per room accommodation is higher than a room accommodating 4 students.

Q. Which bank and account will I pay the RFUF?

A. The bank is NIB. You can pay in any branch. When you are sure of the amount to pay go to any NIB branch and ask for UDS’s RFUF bank account number and make the payment into it. Use student pay-in-slip which captures many details from you and not the ordinary pay-in-slip.

Q. I had admission but before I could print the admission letter online my name has been removed. How do I get my admission letter?
A. Contact the Academic Affair section for help

Q. Apart from the RFUF will I make another payment on campus?

A. Yes. The SRC has souvenir dues for fresh students, you will also pay Junior Common Room (JCR) dues, Faculty Association Dues, Campus/Faculty/Programme charges for practical work. You need to check the amount with your campus contacts provided here.

Q. If I want to be alone in a room meant for many students will the university allow me?

A. That depends on room availability. You can check that from the Senior Hall Tutors.

Q. Do I have to bring mattress along?

A. No. The university hall will provide you with one. However you should bring along pillow and bedsheets

Q. What are the things I need to bring along?
A. Clothing for lectures, mosquito net, toiletries and valid NHIS card. You may cook for yourself and need to bring cooking utensils, rice cooker and hot plate electric stove having three square pin plug.

Q. Can I bring Gas cylinder and LPG?

A. No, we do not allow LPG in our halls in order to avoid LPG-related fire outbreak. You will cook using electricity.

Q. What happens when there is power outage and I cannot get electricity to cook?

A. There are canteens and other places you can purchase food if you cannot cook.

Q. Can I bring a fridge to my room?

A. Some students who can afford bring fridges to school. However the fridge should be new, have high star rating, three square pin plug. Remember your room cannot contain many fridges if all roommates decide to bring fridge.

Q. Can I bring along microwave oven?
A. No this is high energy consuming appliance and we do not accept it. Remember the university pays the utility bill.

Q. When I am sick who will take care of me?

A. The campuses have clinics which will serve you. However you will bear the cost of your treatment. You are advised to bring NHIS card valid for some months. Without the card you will have to pay for your treatment

Q. What are the names of the Halls in the university?

Nyankpala Campus:
Union Hall (Males) 200 beds
Jeddah Block (Both males and Females) 274 beds
Nyankpala Hall (Females) 152 beds
Ghana Hostel (Both males and females) 120 beds

Navrongo Campus
Ecowas (Males)
Savannah (Males)
Navro (Males and Females)
Ghana hostel (Males and Females)

Tamale Campus
Sagnarigu(Males and Females) 200 beds
GUSS Hostel (Males and Females) 726 beds

Wa Campus
Upper West (Males)
Royal (Males and Females)
Cardinal Dery (Males and Females)
Liman (Males and Females)
Jubilee (Males and Females)

Q. who can we contact for further information in the campuses?

Nyankpala campus
Female Senior Hall Tutor (SHT): 0244649270
Male and mixed hall SHT: 0244533268
Vice Dean of Students: 0208114382/ 0248334489
SRC president: 0572514806
SRC PRO: 0553693737
JCR of Jeddah: 0557159130
JCR of Ladies Hall: 0543196313

Navrongo campus:
Female SHT: 0545566746
Male and mixed hall SHT:  0246640722
Vice Dean of Students: 0244 110 017
SRC President: 0545704292
PRO: 0243296167

Tamale campus:
Mixed Hall SHT  : 0540254975/0262919842
Clinical Hostel SHT: 0246481086/0501598059
GUSS Hostel Manager: 0242809767
Vice Dean of Students: 0200516610
SRC president: 0546367535 /0200731973
PRO: 0209418564

Wa campus:
Female Snr Hall Tutor: 0540920210
Male Snr Hall Tutors: 0241892997/0545067421
Vice Dean of Students: 0205185570
SRC President: 0548107373
PRO: 0549083487

Residential Facility User Fees at the campuses for 2019/2020 Academic year. The same was charged during the 2018/19 Academic year.

Campus/Halls/HostelFees (GHS)
Nyankpala Campus
Graduate Hostel900.00
Tamale Campus
Clinical Hostel750.00
GUSS Hostel
Type A: 2 in 12100.00
Type B: 3 in 11550.00
Type C:4 in 11250.00
Navrongo Campus
ECOWAS (Male)550.00
Savannah (male)550.00
Navro (Mixed)550.00
Wa Campus
Upper West (Males)550.00
Royal (Mixed)550.00
Cardinal Dery (Mixed)550.00
Liman (Mixed)550.00
Jubilee (Mixed)650.00

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