Postponement Of 2020-2021 WASSCE Examination In Ghana

By | May 5, 2020

Postponement Of 2020-2021 WASSCE Examination In Ghana

The West African Examinations Council, a non-profit-making organization, with its head-quarters in Accra, Ghana,  has postponed the 2020-2021 WASSCE Examination In Ghana due to the pandemic spread of coronavirus (COVID 19) until August 2020 . Please Visit site regularly for more updates on 2020-2021 WASSCE Examination In Ghana . Thank You.

WASSCE Quick Links

oath selection to tertiary institutions and for certification.  Dates of the Examination The examination is conducted in May / June for School candidates only and in October/November for Private Candidates.

 Entry Procedure
School Candidates 
The entry period is September to November and it lasts for about six to eight weeks. School authorities are expected to register their candidates and upload their entry data on-line. Continuous Assessment Scores are however received from the schools on CDs.

Private Candidates The entry period is from February to May. Registration is strictly online for private candidates and offline for candidate in approved private institutions. Candidates may obtain more information on how to register for the examination

Subjects for the examination


The Core Subjects for the examination are:

English Language

Integrated Science

Mathematics (Core)

Social Studies

In addition to the Core Subjects, each candidate must choose ONE of the Options under ONE of the Programmes and must enter and sit for THREE or FOUR Elective Subjects from the Option of his/her choice.