Busitema University 2021 / 2022 Weighting System

By | June 30, 2020

Busitema University 2021 / 2022 Weighting System

Below is the Weighting System of Busitema University

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 MEDICINE &  General Paper and
 BACHELOR OFBiologyMathematics orComputer
1.SURGERY& ChemistryPhysicsStudies OR Sub-Maths
 *B. AGRICULTURAL One best done of Chemistry, 
 MECHANIZATION AND Biology, Agriculture, 
 IRRIGATIONMathematicsEconomics, & TechnicalGeneral Paper,
2.ENGINEERING& PhysicsDrawingComputer Studies
   One best done of Chemistry, 
 B. COMPUTERMathematicsEconomics, TechnicalGeneral Paper,
3.ENGINEERING& PhysicsDrawingComputer Studies
  Two best done of  
  Mathematics,Third best done ofGeneral Paper and
 B. SCIENCEPhysics, BiologyMathematics, Physics,Computer
4.EDUCATION& ChemistryBiology & ChemistryStudies OR Sub-Maths
  Two best done of  
  Mathematics,One best done of Geography,General Paper and
 BSC.ChemistryEconomics, Physics,Computer
5.TEXTILE ENGINEERING Mathematics and Chemistry.Studies OR Sub-Maths
   One best done of Chemistry, 
 B.SC AGRO- Biology, Agriculture, 
 PROCESSINGMathematics andEconomics & TechnicalGeneral Paper,
6.ENGINEERINGPhysicsDrawingComputer Studies
   One best done of Physics, 
  Two best done ofMathematics, Chemistry, 
 B.SC. WATERPhysics,Biology, Agriculture,General Paper and
 RESOURCESMathematics &Economics & TechnicalComputer
7.ENGINEERINGChemistryDrawingStudies OR Sub-Maths
 B.SC. MININGMathematics and General Paper,
8.ENGINEERINGPhysicsChemistry or GeographyComputer Studies
  Economics and  
  one best done of  
  Mathematics,Third best done of 
  Chemistry,Mathematics, Agriculture,General Paper and
 B.SC. NATURALPhysics, Biology,Chemistry, Physics, BiologyComputer
9.RESOURCE ECONOMICSGeography& Geography,Studies OR Sub-Maths
   Third best done of Biology, 
  Two best done ofChemistry, Agriculture, 
 B. ANIMALBiology,Geography, Economics,General Paper and
 PRODUCTION ANDChemistry &Physics, Mathematics, FoodComputer
10.MANAGEMENTAgriculture& NutritionStudies OR Sub-Maths
  One best done ofChemistry and next betterGeneral Paper and
 DIP. GINNING.Mathematics anddone of Mathematics andComputer
11.ENGINEERINGPhysicsPhysicsStudies OR Sub-Maths
  One better done ofNext better done ofGeneral Paper and
 DIP. AGRICULTURALMathematics orMathematics, Physics &Computer
12.ENGINEERINGPhysicsChemistry.Studies OR Sub-Maths
  One better done of  
  Economics or  
  Mathematics and  
 BACHELOR OFone best done  
 BUSINESSof the General Paper and
 ADMINISTRATION-remaining A levelOne better done of theComputer
13PRIVATESubjectsremaining A level SubjectsStudies OR Sub-Maths
   One best done 
 BACHELOR of Agriculture, Economics,General Paper, Sub –
 OF SCIENCEBiology andFoods & Nutrition,Maths or Computer
14IN NURSINGChemistryMathematics , PhysicsStudies
 DIPLOMA INOne better done of General Paper, Sub –
 COMPUTERMathematics &Next better done ofMaths or Computer
15ENGINEERINGPhysicMathematics & PhysicStudies
 DIPLOMA IN ANIMALOne best done ofSecond best done of theGeneral Paper, Sub –
 PRODUCTION &Biology &essential set or Chemistry,Maths or Computer
16MANAGEMENTAgricultureFoods & NutritionStudies
 DIPLOMA IN CROPOne best done ofSecond best done of theGeneral Paper, Sub –
 PRODUCTION &Biology &essential set or Chemistry,Maths or Computer
17MANAGEMENTAgricultureFoods & NutritionStudies
  A credit in 
  Biology or 
  Agriculture and 
  at least four 
  passes from the 
  other subjects 
  obtained at the 
 CERTIFICATE INsame sitting of 

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