NABCO: Application Problems, Password Issues & their Solutions

By | July 1, 2020

2021 NABCO Application Problems, Password Issues & their Solutions

Although some people have found the whole NABCO Process easy , other are struggling. Ghadmin hope to help resolve all your issues. If you have any questions, Kindly ask in the comments section below.

Most of the problems that a lot of people are facing are due to mostly negligence and mistakes on behalf of the individual applying . However , the good thing is that such problems can be solved .

Below are most common problems and solutions to them. If you have any Problems that have not been addressed in this post, be sure to leave a comment and we will answer you.

Content ;

  • How to Get NABCO Number
  • Forgotten Password
  • Using a wrong email to register to NABCO
  • How to Open A NABCO Support Ticket
  • NABCO App How to Download , Login And Solve Failed To Clock In Issues

How to Get NABCO Number

For you to get a NABCO number kindly contact These Numbers ;

  • Address2 Abafun Cres, Accra, Ghana
  •  Digital Address GL-026-0106
  •  Mail
  •  Call Us 0278253386, 0278253387, 0547210487, 0547210488, 0547210525, 0206331340, 0206734444, 0547759851

Forgotten NABCO Password

If you have forgotten your NABCO password but used a correct email and still have access to the email, use the following steps:

1. Visit

2. On the same login page, click on forgot password?

3. You will be redirected to a page where you will be required to enter your correct email address

4. Enter your email address and click on ‘send password reset link’. A link will be sent to your email

5. Click on the reset link in your email. This will direct you to a page to reset your password

6. On the password reset page, type your correct email address, a new password, and confirm

7. Visit again and login with the new password

8. You will successfully enter your account.

Using a wrong email to register to NABCO

This is tricky, Currently there is no one We know who used a wrong email and has had the issue resolved.

The most vital issue in  any application process is the login ID , In this case , the email. However , If you faced with this issue , you need to  open a support ticket with NABCO and an official from there will reply to you via email.

How to Open a NABCO Support Ticket

A support ticket is a sort of online help where authorized persons would help you with your issue. Topen a support ticket , kindly foolw these steps ;

  1. Visit
  2. Fill in the details below:

Requester Email ( An Active Email )

Requester Name ( Full Name For Registration)

Description (Describe your issues into details ; Remember whoever is going to help needs fully understand your problem)

  • Click on “attach File” and attach your NABCO Application Form In PDF or you can take a screenshot and upload
  • Click the “I am not a robot” Key and fill the reCAPTCHA
  • Click on submit to send your support ticket.

Important Notice : Over 10000 people applied for NABCO and if even just a percentage of them are facing problems that’s still a huge number. This means you should kindly have patient and wait for about 12 to 24 hours to receive a response. It is not courteous to send the same issue more than once.

NABCO App How to Download , Login And Solve Failed To Clock In Issues

The Nation Builders Corps (NABCO) program is a Government of Ghana initiative to address graduate unemployment to solve social problems. The focus of the initiative will be solving public service delivery in health, education, agriculture, technology, governance and drive revenue mobilization and collection by equipping NABCO Trainees with the skills needed for the job market.

To ensure that the KPIs(Knowledge, Punctuality, and Integrity) of NABCO are achieved, a mobile application is developed and each trainee is supposed to download and use to improve the monitoring and evaluation processes at NABCO Secretariat. The Mobile App has the following features:

Clock-In and Clock-Out: This feature is used to track attendance of Trainees by using the specified coordinates of the agency a NABCO Trainee has been assigned to.

Training Courses: It is mandatory for NABCO Trainees to enroll into training courses in their skills development. The specific number of courses are to be taken within the course of the month of assessment.

Report Submission: It is mandatory for NABCO trainees to complete the periodic status report on their activities by providing information on a task assigned, task completed and task pending.

Haven seen some of the features and sections which are found within the app is time for us to see how to download and install the app. The Nabco App is developed to serve two operating system users (Android and iOS). These two are the most widely used OS by many trainees and for that matter, if you are on other OS, you may not find the app on the store.View Details Here

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