CUT 2022 Tuition Fees

By | August 8, 2022

CUT 2022 Tuition Fees

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See the CUT Fees Calendar 2022 (downloadable PDF for your convenience).

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The following conditions of payment apply To CUT 2022 Tuition Fees:

  • Year students: Monthly installments of equal payments over nine months. Due date for full balance payable is end of October annually.
  • Semester students for semester 1: Monthly installments of equal payments over four months. Due date for full balance payable is end of May annually.
  • Semester students for semester 2: Monthly installment of equal payments over four months. Due date for full balance payable is end of October annually.


Application fee: No refund applies with respect to the application fee.

Accommodation deposit: A deposit made in respect of accommodation fees shall be refunded in the following instances:

  • If no accommodation is available.
  • If the applicant is not selected.

A student may only register for an assessment (examination) if all the fees for that particular year of study have been paid in full. In cases where it is subsequently discovered that a student is in arrears in respect of payments, the assessment results shall be withheld.

In cases where a student has not paid the full account in respect of a previous year, said student shall not be permitted to reregister before the account in question has been settled in full.Discount on tuition fees

In cases where two or more students from the same family household are simultaneously registered at CUT, the following discounts apply:

  • Second student: 15 %;
  • Third and fourth students: 25 %

Discount on payment in cash or by bank-guaranteed cheque: A discount of ten percent (10 %) is granted in the event of all tuition fees being paid in full, in cash or by bank-guaranteed cheque, upon registration. Accounts may also be settled by credit card, but without a cash discount being applicable.Residence accommodation fees

No cancellation credits shall be payable, irrespective of the point in time at which the student vacates the residence. (One night spent in the residence is regarded as equivalent to the student having resided in the residence for the entire month.) For details go to Campus Accommodation.Payments by employers

In cases where an employer has already indicated that he/she will accept responsibility for the full payment of tuition and/or accommodation fees, the student must include the letter in which notification to that effect is provided with the registration documents. This letter must give an indication of the date(s) on which such payment(s) will be made.

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