How WAEC Is Grading 2021 NABTEX Exams

By | May 21, 2021

How WAEC Is Grading 2021 NABTEX Exams

WAEC Ghana Grading System

How WAEC Is Grading 2021 NABTEX Exams – West Africa Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) is the main exam that senior school candidates take to get entries in West Africa universities. The examination is conducted by a reputable examination body referred to as West Africa Examination Council (WAEC).

The WAEC greatly contribute to education in that it has funds contributed to support the needy candidates with good performance to pursue their dream careers in universities. It is also known for having a strong committee since it was established in 1952.

As earlier mentioned, WAEC result is one of the prerequisites for gaining admission into higher institutions across West Africa. On that note, we will be showing you the full WACE grading systems.

This guide is to enable the students to make a conscious effort that will guarantee them a good WAEC result and boost their chances of furthering their studies into the University level.

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What You Need To Know About 2021 NABTEX Exams

The National Board for Professional and Technician Examinations ( NABTEX )

Technical Examination Unit Result checker 2021

How WAEC Is Grading 2021 NABTEX Exams

Technical Examination Unit NOVDEC 2021

Technical Examination Results 2021

NABTEX/NOVDEC 2021 Results

Technical Examination Unit Login

WAEC Ghana Grading System For 2020 NABTEX Exams

Under the new WAEC grading system, A1 is Excellent, B2 Very Good, B3 Good, C4, C5 and C6 are interpreted as Credit, D7 and D8 are interpreted as Pass, while F9 is Fail.

A1 and B2 in the WASSCE means Excellent, B3 is B (Very Good), C4 is C (Good), C5 and C6 are D (Credit), D7 and E8 are E (Pass) and F9 is F (Fail).

WAEC Grading System and Interpretation (by Percentage) For 2020 NABTEX Exams

Grade Definition
A1 Excellent 75% – 100%
B2 Very good 70% – 74%
B3 Good 65%- 69%
C4 Credit 60% – 64%
C5 Credit 55% – 59%
C6 Credit 50% – 54%
D7 Pass 45% – 49%
E8 Pass 40% – 44%
F9 Failure 0% – 39%

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WASSCE Grading System / Interception For 2020 NABTEX Exams


WAEC Grading and Interpretation in Percentage For 2020 NABTEX Exams

GradeDefinitionInterpretation in Percentage
A1Excellent75 – 100
B2Very Good70 – 74
B3Good65 – 69
C4Credit60 – 64
C5Credit55 – 59
C6Credit50 – 54
D7Pass49 – 45
E8Pass40 – 44
F9Fail0 – 39

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