USAID Scholarships Opportunities In Uganda

By | January 6, 2023

2023 USAID Scholarships Opportunities In Uganda

2023 USAID Scholarships Opportunities In Uganda ; You can search Scholarships by selecting relevant criteria in the Links Below for 2023 USAID Current Scholarships Opportunities

USAID works hand-in-hand with our partners in government, civil society, private and non-governmental sectors to ensure that Ugandans have opportunities to make the most of their lives and take the lead role in their country’s development. 


USAID actively engages and collaborates with the Government of Uganda on activities to promote good governance, political competition and consensus building, civil society advocacy, conflict mitigation and reconciliation, and human rights in alignment with Uganda’s National Development Plan. Our program also assists in making the voices of marginalized people heard—particularly women and youth—and in shaping the role of civil society in governance. This inclusive approach ensures that citizens enjoy a participatory style of governing and that leaders also benefit from the views of their constituents. 

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USAID works to reduce poverty and hunger in Uganda by fostering private and public investment in key growth sectors such as agriculture and energy, while supporting the sustainable use of Uganda’s natural resources. USAID is helping vulnerable people improve their resilience and nutritional status by participating in local and regional markets. 

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