GFZA Ongoing Recruitment for 2020-21 – Apply Now

GFZA Ongoing Recruitment for 2020-21 – Apply Now

GFZA Ongoing Recruitment for 2020-21 – Apply Now

GFZA Ongoing Recruitment for 2020-21 – Apply Now

GFZA Ongoing Recruitment for 2020-21 - Apply Now

Are you a Ghanaian who have been looking for an opportunity to get recruited in the coming Ghana Free Zones Board Recruitment and yet you are still not sure on how to start. This Portal is Basically made for you. We will be of help by directing you to the process and method of application, All you need to is to stay focus.

Our Guideline will help you to understand and Apply for the Ghana Free Zones Board Recruitment .

Our Mission

Is to help transform Ghana into the Gateway to West Africa by creating an attractive and conducive business environment through the provision of competitive free zone incentives and operation of an efficient “one-stop-shop” for the promotion and enhancement of domestic and foreign investment.

Our Vision

Is to facilitate a vibrant economy in Ghana, driven by a well-integrated business environment with world class capacity for competition, technological innovations, business growth, economic diversity and development.

The Ghana Free Zones Authority [GFZA] was established on 31st August 1995 by an Act of Parliament to enable the establishment of free zones in Ghana for the promotion of economic development, to provide for the regulation of activities in free zones and for related purposes.

Ghana, a Commonwealth member country, has over the years made positive progress as a result of policy reforms, which have improved macroeconomic performance and created a business environment conducive to the reduction of the cost of operating a business. The Ghana Free Zones Programme has come therefore to represent an important tool for Government in promoting Ghana as an ideal investment destination.

The Ghana Free Zones Authority, which is the Government agency responsible for the implementation of the programme, is achieving positive results.  Its important and expected role requires the Board to be the channel through which the export-led development policy is achieved.   In view of this, the Board has positioned itself to provide the needed infrastructure and efficient services to investors in the free zone.

Apart from the obvious developments to make the Ghana Free Zones Programme investor friendly, Ghana is strategically located with West Africa easy access to one of Africa’s biggest markets with a population of 400 million people. The location of Ghana as well as the relative stability of the country makes Ghana a gateway for regional trade and investment. Ghana also has other unique advantages compared to other locations in the sub-region.

The unique advantage Ghana possesses coupled with the generous incentives and the efficient services provided by the GFZA, makes the business environment more than ready to provide maximum returns on investment.

Investors are invited to come to Ghana and allow us easily and abundant labor force be a source of competitive advantage for you as you explore and develop larger markets for your goods and services.

How to Apply Ghana Free Zones Board Recruitment .

Unfortunately, submission of application is closed for 2019 Ghana Free Zones Board . However, applicants are to check back for updates on 2020 Ghana Free Zones Board recruitment on this platform or visit the recruitment portal below.

Ongoing Ghana Free Zones Authority Recruitment for 2020/2021 GFZA Application Form


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