PwC Ghana Opens New Recruitment for 2020

By | October 27, 2020

PwC Ghana Opens New Recruitment for 2020

PwC Ghana Opens New Recruitment for 2020 – Apply Now

PwC Ghana Opens New Recruitment for 2020

Job Vacancy For Chief Financial Officer

The Company

Our client is a financial services institution with the objective of increasing access to finance for Ghanaian enterprises, particularly small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Our client also provides wholesale financing/lines of credit and partial credit guarantees to eligible financial institutions.
Roles & Responsibilities

Strategy Formulation and Implementation

• Work with other members of the executive team to develop, finance and implement the Bank’s growth initiatives and objectives including new offerings
• Develop strategic financial initiatives for the Bank that will assist in achieving the board’s objectives
• Work with leadership to develop strategies for effective mobilisation and utilisation of financial resources for optimal return on investment
• Ensure the delivery of effective financial decision-making support to the business and its management and oversees the development and execution of an effective financial strategy to achieve optimal returns on investment
• Provide strategic financial management and leadership support across the business, in line with the overall corporate strategy
• Develop, update and implement finance and tax strategies, policies and processes

Finance Planning and Budget Preparation

• Initiate and co-ordinate the formulation of business plans and annual budgets, and monitors progress towards their achievement
• Engage Executive Management and the appropriate Board Committees to develop short, medium, and long-term financial plans and projections for the Bank
• Develop and utilise financial models and activity-based financial analysis to provide a basis for investment decisions and business planning
• Provide advice on liquidity, investment and financial asset management
• Ensure appropriate investment policies for the optimal investment of the Bank’s investible funds
• Manage Bank’s treasury assets to achieve optimal sourcing, application and growth of funds

Qualification Required & Experience

• Minimum of 15 years’ experience in the Development Finance or Financial Services sector, with at least 8 years’ experience in Executive Management
• A degree in Accounting, Finance, or financial management from a reputable institution
• Relevant professional certifications & membership professional associations in Ghana or abroad is required (e.g. ACCA, CA, CFA, etc.)
• Experience in Financial Services sector within Africa is an advantage
• Evidence of excellent leadership, goal achievement, stakeholder engagement, professionalism, networking, and collaborative skills.

Finance Operations

• Develop and implement a sound accounting framework in compliance with statutory provisions
• Develop and implement a robust and reliable financial reporting system in compliance with statutory requirements
• Ensure proper maintenance of the financial records/Books of Accounts of the Bank
• Ensure that the annual financial statements and statutory reports are prepared timely, accurately and in accordance with standards and regulations
• Ensure Bank’s statutory obligations are fulfilled in an efficient and effective manner
• Provide management information of a financial nature and its interpretation for effective decision making to maximise returns on business
• Monitor and control revenue and expenses (opex and capex) to ensure operational and financial efficiency
• Approve payrolls along with the Human Resources Department to facilitate payment to staff
• Drive a cost-saving culture across all areas of the Bank

Stakeholder and External Relations

• Maintain effective engagement with shareholders of the Bank
• Liaise with external and internal auditors; and ensure the annual and/or periodic audits are seamlessly carried out
• Develop and manage key relationships with relevant external bodies/contacts e.g. regulatory organisations, auditors, solicitors, banks etc. to facilitate effective bank operations
• Liaise with investors to ensure value is maximized
• Work with the Investment Teams to identify opportunities and manage the investment cycle with invested organisations.

People Management

• Oversee the activities of all units within the Finance Team, including Corporate Finance, Financial Reporting, Treasury Management and Investor Relations
• Develop capability of subordinates towards the achievement of their own performance targets

PwC Ghana Opens New Recruitment for 2020 Job Vacancy For Chief Economist

Roles & Responsibilities

• As a key member of the Senior Leadership Team, the Chief Economist would conduct an ongoing research programme on the Ghanaian economy – its growth, employment, and export potential—on external economic developments and their possible impacts on Ghana.
• The role is to support with research insights on the medium to long-term strategy formulation for the Bank’s management and Board consideration.
• The CE is also to conduct research on products useful for local firms and entrepreneurs in the Bank’s targeted sectors.
• S/he would also maintain a rigorous programme of monitoring and evaluation of the Bank’s impact on economic growth, diversification and employment in the Ghanaian economy.
• The role would provide overall supervisory and day to day running of the Research, Strategy and Evaluation department.

Strategy Formulation and Evaluation

• Lead in the definition and implementation of a rigorous research programme to underpin the development of strategies for the Bank to pursue its mandate
• Support, and in consultation with other executives, the development of medium to long-term strategy for the Board
• Lead in the definition and implementation of a strong Monitoring and Evaluation programme on the impact of the Bank’s operations on Ghana’s economic growth, diversification, and employment
• Conduct research on drivers of the performance of the Bank’s and PFIs’ portfolios)
• Develop useful knowledge materials and collaborate with partners (e.g. NBSSI, donor agencies etc.) that provide training/business development services (BDS) to stakeholders, including firms and entrepreneurs in the Bank’s targeted sectors
• Lead the Research and Evaluation department in collaborating with other national and international agencies to enable the Bank to contribute to shaping Ghana’s national economic development strategies
• Sit on Investment Committee to give input on the economic assumptions of various investment proposals.

Qualification Required & Experience

• Minimum of 15 years’ qualification, with at least 8 years’ experience in a Senior Management role overseeing researchers (e.g. running research department of large size financial institution, a university or a comparable agency)
• A PhD in Economics with a strong quantitative emphasis from an internationally reputable university.
• Proven evidence of producing analytical reports to inform decision making.
• International experience in development finance is required, with experience in Africa being an advantage
• Intimate knowledge of the economic development literature, particularly as it pertains to the role that development banks have played in successful economic transformations around the world and the role that they have played in Ghana and Africa is required.
• Evidence of excellent leadership, goal achievement, stakeholder engagement, professionalism, networking, and collaborative skills.

PwC Ghana Opens New Recruitment for 2020 Job Vacancy For Chief Executive Officer

Roles & Responsibilities

• The role of the Chief Executive Officer is to lead the development of a sound business strategy and operations plan for the Board’s approval.
• The CEO would provide effective management of staff to implement the Board-approved Business Plan and to meet its objectives and targets.
• The successful candidate would ensure compliance with all regulatory requirements and foster a work environment that promotes professionalism.
• The CEO is also to maintain effective relations with key stakeholders and ensure financial viability the Bank.

Strategy Formulation and Implementation

• Lead the development and execution of the Bank’s business plans in order to attain the goals of Board-approved strategies
• Establish strategic business direction and communicates it effectively to the Board and the executive management team for implementation
• Prepare and implement comprehensive business plans to facilitate achievement of set goals through cost-effective operations and market development activities
• Oversee development and/or compliance with policies that promote Bank’s mandate, vision, strategy, culture, and mission and effectively communicate same to all employees
• Develop and direct the implementation of the Bank’s strategic investment plans and programmes
• Champion the development and implementation of strategies to enable the bank to play a strong and recognizable role in supporting Ghana’s economic transformation while remaining financially viable at all times

Qualification Required & Experience


• Minimum of 18 years’ experience in the Development Finance or Financial Services sector, with at least 12 years’ experience in an Executive Management role
• A degree in Economics, Finance, Business (e.g. MBA), Accounting, Law, or Engineering
• Relevant professional certifications & membership professional associations in Ghana or abroad will be an added advantage
• Experience in Development Finance or Banking sector within Africa is an advantage
• Evidence of strong industry/sector participation, leadership and goal achievement
• Exposure in managing financial services or development finance institutions with proven compliance with regulatory requirements

Key Responsibilities

Board / Stakeholder Engagement

• Execute the instructions of the Board and ensure that Board decisions are properly communicated to the executive management, staff and all stakeholders
• Report the financial and administrative status of the bank to the Board at agreed periods and in line with leading Corporate Governance practices
• Support the Board to identify trends that provide the basis for vision and future services
• Work effectively with the Board to aid its governance functions and facilitate optimum performance by the Board, its Committees and individual Board members
• Ensure a deep institutional understanding of the Ghanaian economy, its growth and employment potential through rigorous research.
• Develop and maintain strong and positive relationships with the banking community, stakeholders and regulators
• Assure the reporting of financial and strategic plan progress to the Board and other key stakeholders

PwC Ghana Opens New Recruitment for 2020 Job Vacancy For Independent Non-Executive Director

Roles & Responsibilities

The Independent Non-Executive Director would be a member of the Board of Directors and provide strategic leadership and direction to the Bank, overseeing the development of strategies consistent with the Bank’s mandate, policies and plans. The role also oversees regulatory compliance and ensures financial viability of the Bank.

Strategy and policy formulation

• Provide a clear vision for the institution that is aligned with national economic development agenda and define strategic goals, objectives and value systems to realize it
• Review and approve an Institutional strategy and a business plan for the Bank, consistent with its national economic development mandate and the need to maintain financial viability
• Oversee the establishment and monitoring of sound financial and risk management systems aligned to national, industry and regulatory requirements
• Ensure collective accountability of the Board to the Shareholders of the Bank and ensure adherence to all applicable regulatory requirements for Boards (e.g. of the Companies Code 2019, and Bank’s Guidelines)
• Provide oversight and independent perspectives on the implementation of the Bank’s strategy, vision and policies
• Advise management of its responsibilities for the governance of the organisation, its financial stability and the most appropriate use of funds
• Overseeing the maintenance of the Bank’s communication and information dissemination policy
• Ensures that the Bank submits its mandatory reports in line with regulatory requirements
• Oversee continuous improvement and innovation through relevant research and digitisation
• Review and approve the overall internal control framework of the Bank and monitor its effectiveness

Qualification Required & Experience


• Minimum of 20 years’ relevant experience with Executive Management experience and a blend of exposure in development financing, financial services, governments, and the public sector
• A degree in Economics, Finance, Business (e.g. MBA), Accounting, Law, or Engineering
• Relevant professional certifications & membership professional associations in Ghana or abroad will be an added advantage
• Evidence of previous Board experience in a large sized organization
• Demonstrable experience in providing leadership in a financial services organisation in a developing economy
• Detailed knowledge and understanding of local, regional economic market forces as well as legal and regulatory environment within the country and sub-region
• Ability to provide independent judgement, and to challenge decisions and assumptions made by the rest of the group
• Excellent stakeholder engagement, networking, and collaborative skills.

Key Responsibilities

People and Performance Management

• Establish performance expectations and review the performance of the Chief Executive Officer
• Oversee the design and operation of the Bank’s compensation system, monitor and review the system to ensure that it is aligned with the desired risk culture and risk appetite of the Bank.
• Ensure Succession Planning and the appointment, training, remuneration and replacement of Board members and senior management
• Provide oversight over leadership of the Bank to ensure that appropriate decisions are made, and corporate assets are used in the best interest of the institution.
• Ensure a corporate culture and environment that enables management and staff to carry out the business of the Bank in a professional manner, independent of any undue external influences
• Facilitate mobilisation of the necessary resources (i.e. financial, human, material, digital, etc.) to enable the institution to meet its objectives.

Location: Accra

How To Apply For PwC Ghana Opens New Recruitment for 2020

To apply, interested candidates should send their CV and cover letter to:

The role being applied for should be the subject of the email.

Closing Date: 06 November, 2020

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