UPSA Updates hostel fees Information

By | August 5, 2022

UPSA Updates hostel fees Information

UPSA Updates hostel fees Information ; Notice is hereby given that students interested in residing at the University’s Hostel for the 1st Semester of the 2022/2023 academic year are to take note of the following:

1. The Hostel management system has been opened for Degree and Diploma level 200 students since Wednesday, 22nd September, 2022.

2. Degree Level 300 and 400 students can also join in the booking process from Thursday, 30th September, 2021 at 3pm for the 1st six weeks stay (3rd October – 14th November, 2021)

3. Deadline for payment of Hostel fee is Wednesday, 6th October, 2022.

4. All levels 200 Degree and Diploma, level 300 and 400 Degree Students who will be successful in booking will be given 1st priority to book and pay for the 2nd batch stay when the 1st batch stay expires, so they can stay for the rest of the 1st semester

5. Students who want to come for the Second batch stay of the 1st semester will still be given the opportunity to book.

6. Date for the 2nd batch booking will be announced later.


1.1 Registration by New Users
1. The UPSA Hostel Application can be accessed at
2. Click on Fresher Registration, if you do not have account in the Hostel application
3. Enter your username (which is your student ID) and an email address. [Note: Password credentials and other correspondence will be sent to this email so ensure you can still access the email]
4. Click on the link sent to the email you provided.
5. Enter a password of your choice. You will be redirected to the login screen when the password
is successful.

1.2 Log in by Current Users
1. The UPSA Hostel Application can be accessed at
2. Enter your username (i.e. your student ID) and password which you created during the initial registration.
3. Clicking the Sign In button, will send you to your student Dashboard. Continue by following the steps to choose your bed.

1.3 Resetting Password
1. On the Log in screen, click on “I Forgot My Password
2. Enter your email in the text box provided. Note that the email should be the email you provided during your registration or your student email given by the school.
3. From the email, click on the link received which should redirect you to the hostel application asking for a reset of Password.
4. Enter a password as you require.
5. Clicking on the button will send you to the Log in page for a login.

The Hostel Facility User Fees and its related charges for 7 weeks (6 weeks lectures and 1 week examination) are as follows:

2.1 Fees 4-in-1 Occupancy Rooms

UPSA hostel facility user fee/student/academic yearGH₵ 820.00
Hall DuesGH₵   30.00
TOTAL  GH₵ 850.00

2.2 Fees 2-in-1 Occupancy Rooms

UPSA hostel facility user fee/student/academic yearGH₵ 1,620.00
Hall Dues :GH₵      30.00
TOTALGH₵ 1,650.00

1. Students are to read the Rules and Regulations governing the Hostel on the University’s website ( before applying.

2. Secure a bed by successfully booking before making any Hostel fee payment.

3. Hostel fee payment procedure is the same as academic facility user fee payment (you pay into the University Access Bank account, the money will be transferred into your wallet, then you disburse according to other Hostel fee items on the portal).

4. Monies paid (disbursed) are not refundable.

5. Your secured bed could be taken from you if you fail to pay the Hostel fee by the deadline.

6. Check-In is on Sunday, 3rd October, 2021 from 12 noon.

7. Impersonation will attract severe punishment.

Please, this notice takes precedence over the first one issued on 15th September, 2021.

Thank you.


Dr. Albert Martins

Director, Business Development Centre


The Vice- Chancellor
The Pro-Vice-Chancellor
The Registrar
The Director of Finance
The Internal Auditor
The Director, ISTD
The Dean of Students
Hostel Manager

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