UPSA Vital Notices To Fresh Students

By | December 4, 2020

UPSA Vital Notices To Fresh Students

UPSA Vital Notices To 2020/2021 Fresh Students

This Page Contains UPSA Vital Notices To 2021/2022 Fresh Students , Guidelines …See Details For All Information Needed.


Introduction: This set of instructions is strictly binding on every fresh student immediately upon accepting the offer of admission.

All fresh students are in addition to payment of 50% of the total academic facility user fees required to pay miscellaneous charges as indicated on the fees schedule. As a reminder, please quote your student’s identification number and name when making payments.

Note that your place will be given to another qualified applicant on the waiting list if you are unable to make the required payments by the deadline given on the admission letter.

The University does not give financial assistance to students. It is the responsibility of applicants who are offered admission to apply to the appropriate bodies for any award or loan needed.

The programme including the session offered on admission cannot be changed or deferred.

You may be withdrawn from the University at any time for unsatisfactory academic performance or gross misconduct in accordance with the University’s regulations published from time to time in the Students’ Handbook.

The University is a secular institution. It is therefore not bound to observe any religious or sectarian practice.

A student email address has been provided in your admission letter. Use the same email address as username and UPSA2013 as default password to access your email account. All future official correspondence as well as online teaching and learning information from the University will be communicated to you through this email address.

You are required to quote your student’s identification number in all future correspondence with the University. All correspondence should be addressed to the Registrar.

Approved Fees Schedule for UPSA 2020 / 2021 Academic Year

Find the approved fees of UPSA and forms of payment Here

;The Management of University Of Professional Studies UPSA has released the fee structure for All Courses for 2020/20201 Academic Sessions. Fees vary based on the programme You are Undertaking. The school fees for Undergraduate and Postgraduate students are quite similar. See Details Here

Orientation Exercise

The University organizes orientation for fresh students after the admissions process has been completed to inform them about what pertains in the university system. Some of the areas talked about include, the University library and its resources, the University Health Service, Academic Affairs, security on campus, University rules and regulations, dress code, fire on campus, etc. At orientation events, students are normally grouped into various sessions such as Regular, Evening and Weekend etc. This year’s orientation exercise will be held from Monday, 4th January to Saturday, 9th January, 2021 in accordance with Covid-19 prevention protocols, hence smaller orientation group times will be allocated to fresh students and communicated accordingly.


Matriculation is an important event where a fresh student is officially initiated as a student of UPSA. Every fresh student must satisfy all the requirements and obligations set by the University before he/she is matriculated. These include: registration, medical screening, orientation, etc. Any student who fails to be matriculated without any valid reason will not be accepted as a student of UPSA.


It is a very important requirement of the University that all students (both fresh & continuing) register at the beginning of every semester. The first time registration for fresh students, which is more elaborate, starts from MONDAY, 14TH SEPTEMBER, 2020.

In adherence to Covid-19 prevention protocols, individual registration times will be allocated to admitted students and communicated accordingly later.

Documents to bring along to the registration point

All fresh students must bring along the following documents called Registration Pack to the various designated points to be announced:

Duly endorsed applicant’s declaration

Admission letter

Birth certificate

ŸBoth original and certified true copies of academic and professional certificates/verification letter from professional body. 2020 WASSCE holders should however bring along certified true copies of result slip

Proof of payment i.e. print out of interpay disbursement

Proof of unverified registration slip

Signed copy of Code of Conduct for Law Students (LLB Students only)

What does FULL REGISTRATION involve?

Payment of Fees

Online Unverified Course Registration

Verification of entry qualification(s) and acquisition of ‘verified’ proof of registration

Medical Examination

Acquisition of UPSA ID Card

Payment of Fees

Pay your academic facility user fees and miscellaneous charges or dues at the designated banks indicated on the fees schedule.

Follow the link below to disburse the payment done at the bank: or visit

Use your student’s identification number as both username and password and change the password when logging-out.

Generate a print out for submission at the registration point.

On-line Unverified Course Registration

All fresh students are requested to do the on-line unverified course registration as follows:

Log on to Use your student’s identification number as username and date of birth (dd-mm-yyyy) as password.

Your USIS student’s portal will display the courses you are supposed to register for the semester.

Click on ‘‘click to register courses’’ to register courses you will do for the first semester 2020/2021 academic year.

Print out ‘‘NOT VERIFIED’’ proof of registration generated for submission at the registration point

At the Registration Point

Submit your ‘Registration Pack’ to the officer at the designated registration point.

If your ‘Registration Pack’ is up-to-date and duly verified, the officer will proceed to have your on- line course registration verified. Wait to collect your verified proof of registration.

Medical Examination

Every aspect of fresh student’s medical screening shall be done at the University’s Clinic and shall include the following:

Taking of vitals

Eye testing

Laboratory investigation

Chest X-Ray

Physical examination

Fresh students are expected to report at the UPSA Clinic on a scheduled date and time after their academic registration to start the medical screening. The scheduled date and time of the medical screening for every fresh student will be communicated via SMS. All fresh students are requested to complete the Health Information of Student Form which downloads with the admission letter. Please bring along this form when coming for the medical screening.

Note that medical screening is part of the registration exercise for fresh students and therefore students must be cautioned that unless the medical screening is completed and a report issued, duly signed and stamped by a Medical Officer of the University, fresh students cannot proceed with the final stage of registration (i.e acquisition of student’s ID card).

Acquisition of Student’s ID Card

Send your verified proof of registration slip and medical report duly endorsed by UPSA Medical Officer to the Data Centre (AB 9) to collect your student’s ID card on your scheduled date. The acquisition of your ID card completes the process of registration as a fresh student.


UPSA Hostel

The UPSA hostel is an 8-floor edifice situated on a 2.98 acre land located on the UPSA-ATTRACO Road, about 400 metres from the UPSA campus. The hostel has a total of 335 rooms that can accommodate a maximum of 1,340 students. Each room, with toilet and bath facilities, can accommodate 4 students. The hostel is equipped with CCTV cameras, a lift and a standby generator. The application process for the limited vacancy in the hostel for fresh students will be announced later. To book for a bed in the hostel, you need to first pay your fees in full for the semester. You can then proceed to log on with your student’s ID number as username and date of birth as password. You will also be required to enter your UPSA email address. Information regarding booking procedure and hostels fees for the 2020/2021 academic year will be made available on the University’s website.

Private Hostels

There is a wide range of private hostel accommodation for students of UPSA to consider. Most of these private hostels are within walking distance to the University Campus. Getting a private hostel to rent around the University Campus, however, can sometimes be difficult. More detailed information, including the list of private hostels, their locations, facilities and services, as well as rents, are available from the address below:

Students Services Unit

Room 408, Justice Aryeetey Building Tel.: 0244545101

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