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By | May 12, 2021

Silver Spangle Limited Recruitment 2024

Silver Spangle Limited Recruitment: Apply Now

Silver Spangle Limited has published new recruitment opportunities for 2024. See Full details below

Overview of Silver Spangle Limited

Silver Spangle Limited is a renowned company in Ghana.

The following positions are available at Silver Spangle Limited: Explore your position of choice and then apply according to the information provided.

Available Silver Spangle Limited Recruitment Application 2024 Positions and Details

Job Title: Administrative Assistant

Roles and responsibilities:

The duties that candidates will be responsible for



  • We send emails to our Ghana clients every morning until they pay up. Note that your emails must not seem like a threat to any of our clients.
  • Help companies and individuals get paid by emails and phone conversations
  • Collecting debt on our behalf and managing them as instructed
  • Track down people who owe money from overdue bills via email and negotiate payment (if instructed).
  • Arranging travel and accommodation for our staff and clients when they are at your location


Listening: When speaking to a debtor, it is important to listen to why they are in debt. This will help the debt collector determine a solution.

Negotiation: Working with debtors to start some sort of payment plan or outright repayment of debt requires good negotiation skills.

Speaking: Being a good communicator is useful.

Persistence: Some debtors do not want to be found or may not be responsive when called by a debt collector. Successful debt collectors do not take no for an answer.

Salary: GHS 2500

How to Apply

Kindly send all applications to:

Global Human Resources Manager,

Diane Kenneway,

Silver Spangle Ltd


Deadline: June 25, 2024.

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