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By | June 17, 2021

Walulel Limited Recruitment 2024

Walulel Limited Recruitment: Apply Now

Walulel Limited has published new opportunities for 2024. See Full details below

Overview of Walulel Limited

Walulel Limited is a London and Accra-based technology company that utilizes publicly available and proprietary data to create algorithms that allow tenants, landowners, developers, estate agents, and holidaymakers to better understand the objective quality of one location as compared to another through the provision of data-driven, location-specific insights and comparative analytics.

The following positions are available at Walulel Limited: Explore your position of choice and then apply according to the information provided.

Available Walulel Limited Application 2024 Positions and Details

Job Title: UX/UI & Digital Content Designer

The role

We’re dreaming about the chance to work with a UX/UI and digital content designer who can, over time, evolve from a person who advises on how we can best deliver tantalizing interactions that delight users into someone who is a keystone, underpinning a “design-first” culture within our company. This means you’d be responsible for working collaboratively, quantitatively, and qualitatively, considering:

  • What our customer’s needs are, what their pain-points are, and where improvement opportunities exist;
  • How can our delightful customer interactions be rendered in a way that delivers fair value exchange?
  • What are the existing and omitted capabilities and resources required to achieve a sustainable, competitive design-led advantage?
  • What “tools mix,” such as storyboards, wireframes, mock-ups, and interactive digital content, most effectively communicate the team’s ideas; and
  • Which external collaborator delivers superior value-creating experiences to customers?
  • How handoff and design system adherence can be improved

Excellency Signals

  • The ability to prototype in HTML/CSS/JavaScript end-user-conversant manners
  • An appreciation of purpose-guided content delivery systems with minimal loss in clarity and accuracy
  • Capacity to navigate graphic design tools, such as the Adobe Creative Suite and open-source alternatives
  • Previous experience iterating ideas using browser-based design tools such as Figma
  • competence to quantitatively and qualitatively explain decision rationale.
  • Talent regarding the creation of wireframes, prototypes, storyboards, and user flows
  • The ability to originate video content and visual imagery for internal and external use
  • Holistic understanding needed to participate in data-driven user discovery

How to Apply

Interested applicants should send an up-to-date copy of CV, together with a covering letter explaining your suitability for the role, to talent@walulel.com 

Unfortunately, direct applications here on LinkedIn cannot always be guaranteed to be considered. We are hoping to interview successful candidates asap, so don’t delay. Apply now to become a part of the Walulel team.

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