Shortlisted Candidates For Ghana Police Training Section

By | November 1, 2021

Shortlisted Candidates For Ghana Police Training Section

When will the list of Shortlisted Candidates For Ghana Police Training Section 2021/2022 Released ? This Has been the final question most candidates who apply for the Ghana Immigration Services is asking….Thus The Ghana Police Final List for its Training Section is expected to be out by the end of November 2021.

How to Check Your Ghana Police Training Application Status Online.

Ghana Police Training List of Shortlisted Candidates for the 2021 Ghana Police Recruitment exercise has been successfully uploaded online, follow the leads below to access the list;

Visit Ghana Police Service Recruitment Portal via to access the list.

Ghana Police Service Training Date & Centers

Ghana Police Service Training is expected to take place in November after the release of Medical and Screening shortlist. Centers will be at the regional capitals, this will be communicated to all applicants through text messages.

How many months does Ghana Police training last?

Ghana Police Service Training takes a maximum period of 18 months for regular career course (RCC) officer cadets and 6 months for the short service and special duties commission (SSC/SD) officer cadets.

Ghana Police Service Training Academy Courses & Prospectus

This Course is taken over four (4) terms with vacation breaks after each term.

  • Term One (1) and Two (2) deals with the Basic Military Training known as the Standard Military Course (SMC) Phase, this phase consists of both physical and academic courses such as:
  1. Fundamental Officer Training
  2. Ranks and Insignia
  3. Skill at Arms
  4. Military Law
  5. Signals and Voice Procedure
  6. Physical Training
  7. Map Reading and Navigation
  8. Administration and Morale
  9. Tactics
  • Term Three (3) and Four (4) is called the Regular Career Course (RCC) phase: Cadets are taught on the detailed and Arm specific training. Some of the courses are:
  1. Psychology
  2. Administration and Morale
  3. Tactics
  4. French
  5. Military History
  6. Leadership
  7. International Affairs and War Studies
  8. Presentation Skills
  9. Military Law

Ghana Police Training Pass Mark

You must pass every subject in order to continue with the training, the pass mark is 60% or better for every term

Ghana Police Training Requirements

  • Life in academy is very different, strenuous and fast moving, only a sense of purpose will keep you going.
  • Regardless of the pressure and high demands of training accommodation, you are expected to exhibit enthusiasm and take close interest in the standards stated below;

General Physical Fitness

The fitness of every cadet will be extremely tested in an effort to ensure that only fit Officers are graduated into the Ghana Armed Forces.

Alertness and mental robustness

You are required to be alert at all times and pay proper attention to little details

Personal Hygiene and Turnout

You must thrive to look smart always, regardless of what is been done at any point in time. You must also maintain hygiene and wellbeing to avoid sickness and avoidable infections

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