Teacher Unions Declare Indefinite Strike Over ‘COLA’

By | July 11, 2022

Teacher Unions Declare Indefinite Strike Over ‘COLA’

Teacher unions across the country are expected to take a decision on their intention to embark on an indefinite strike following the failure of government to pay them the Cost of Living Allowance (COLA).

The teacher unions say their demand for 20% allowance is due to the rising cost of living.

The unions demanding the allowance include the National Association of Graduate Teachers (NAGRAT), Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT), the Coalition of Concerned Teachers (CCT), and the Teachers and Educational Workers Union (TEWU).

Government had assured, that it would have reached an agreement with leadership of teacher unions by close of day, Thursday, June 30, 2022.

The allowance according to the teachers will cushion them in these times. A June 30 deadline they issued for the payment of the allowance expired on Thursday.

Speaking on the subject, deputy Minister of Employment and Labour Relations, Bright Wireko-Brobby, was hopeful the teachers will reason with government.

“I am still waiting for signals for us to meet where all stakeholders will be brought on board and the outcomes of those meetings will be laid bare to you [teachers]. Let’s keep our fingers crossed. The fact that times are hard is trite knowledge. It is a reality. Our largest workforce as a country is teachers, and I just confess that public sector workers must be commended.”

Teachers were demanding that the government pay them 20 percent Cost Of Living Allowance (COLA) by the end of June 2022 or risk having them go on strike.

The June ending ultimatum was on the back of current economic conditions and the worsening plight of teachers, as well as the government’s failure to negotiate.

Some stakeholders have said, even though the call for COLA is legitimate, teacher unions should use the opportunity to fight for a permanent solution to the challenges facing teachers.

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