NSS Allowance To Be Paid By 25th January

By | January 19, 2023

NSS Allowance To Be Paid By 25th January

NSS Allowance is expected To Be Paid By 25th January for both November and December Monthly Allowance….Thus Personnels to take note that there will be no increment i.e. each personnel is expected to take home GHS559 as the monthy allowance.

How do I know if my NSS allowance has been paid ?

To check the NSS dashboard allowance :

  • Go to the portal.
  • Put your Email and password.
  • Click “Sign In”.
  • Once you have signed in, navigate to the “NSS Dashboard.”
  • Click the “Allawa” option.

How much is the NSS allowance?

The basic NSS allowance has been GH¢559.04. The ministry increased the amount from GH¢350.00. At the end of the service, each member earns a gross income of GH¢ 6,700. Like other constitutional organizations in Ghana, there are deductions.

How do I load my allowance on the NSS e-zwich ATM?

Walk to any e-zwich ATM. Don’t insert your card immediately.
1. Press any screen function key. (Not the keypad) You may need to do this twice. Three screen menus appear.
2. Press the screen function key close to the “Smart Card Transactions” Menu. The ATM screen prompts you to insert your smart card. You can now insert your card with the chip side facing upwards. Your name is displayed.
3. Press the screen function key close to your name. A list of NSS e-zwich transactions appear.
4. Press the screen function key close to “Load Funds” (4th Menu on left side of screen). Your name appears again with two hands showing on the screen. Place your finger on the Scanner (Lights up red) to authorize the transaction. Two loading options appear.
5. Press the screen function key close to “Online Auto Load” The ATM goes online to download your money. Wait. A receipt is generated for you, showing details of your transaction. The screen returns to the list of e-zwich transactions.
6. You can press the screen function key close to the 4th Menu on the right, (“Return Card”) to eject your card, if you have no other transactions to perform.

Is NSS allowance increasing?

According to the Deputy Executive Director of the National Service Scheme (NSS), Gifty Oware-Mensah, plans are underway for the National Service Secretariat to increase the National Service Personnel’s (NSP) allowance .

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