How to Answer BECE Questions Properly For Good Marks

By | August 1, 2023

How to Answer BECE Questions Properly For Good Marks

How Do I Answer BECE Questions Properly For Good Marks ? This has been the most asked question most BECE Candidates are asking Themselves on the upcoming 2023 BECE Examination …Thus Ghadmin has written this article which contains a detailed guidance on how to answer your BECE Exams properly for Good Grades.

Read Every Instructions and Understand Better Before You Start Work.

Each Subject has its own instructions for candidates. These include what Candidates are being told what to do and what not to do on the answer booklet . Thus a candidate, must make sure he/she go through the paper instruction written on the front page of the questions paper.

Also when you are told to start work, make sure to read the instruction for each question before you start work.

Most candidates deviate from what they are asked to do simply because they didn’t read and understand the instruction for that paper. For instance, A question can be compulsory or Optional , A candidate must answer a specified number of question i.e . question one (1) and any other three (3).

Read Over The Questions Before You Start Work

A candidate must not rush to answer a question . A you are asked to start work make sure you read through the question and understand it better before starting work.

Start With The Questions You Are Most Familiar with

A candidate must start answering his or her questions with the ones he / she can answer best , rather than staying on a difficult question for long. Staying long on difficult questions can stop you from answering the easy ones you can answer because time factor is always taking into consideration.


Every Question Must be Answered On A New Page

As part of the examination instruction, candidates are being told that clarity of expression and neatly presented answers may attract marks. This means, in other to score a good mark from the examiner, you must strive to present good-looking answers.

If you have a well and neatly presented answer, it makes the work of the examination easy. The examiner will not suffer to locate your answers on the answer booklet. You can do this by starting every question on a new page and each answer on a new paragraph.

For instance, if you’ve finished answering Question one (1) and about starting say Question two (2),  you should turn a new page, to begin with, the question two answers. Do not continue to answer question two(2) on the remaining space(page) where you need question one answers.

Do all your rough work on the Answer booklet

All rough works must be done on the answer booklet. Assuming you are writing mathematics questions that demand workings, you are advised to do all the workings on the answer booklet. This will help the examiner to award marks to you in case you could finish answering the question before time. But please make sure you cancel the rough work neatly after you finished answering all your questions.

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