List Of Telecel USSD Codes in Ghana

By | March 18, 2024

List Of Telecel USSD Codes in Ghana

Telecel Ghana offers various USSD codes to simplify access to their services. These List Of Telecel USSD Codes in Ghana enhance user experience by providing quick, convenient access to essential services without internet connectivity or smartphone applications, making them ideal for diverse demographics.

What are USSD Codes?

USSD codes, a protocol used by GSM cellular telephones, enable users to access services, check balances, purchase bundles, and perform other functions directly from their mobile devices.

List Of Telecel USSD Codes in Ghana

*134*PIN#New recharge code.
100Customer care
*125#Browser packages
585Caller tunes. Formerly 134
*124#Balance enquiry. Check your credit balance.
*700#Access data bundle menu
*126#Check your balance on data bundles and promos
*516#Transfer credit to another number
108Voicemail deposit. Formerly 2020.
*463#Manage paid subscriptions
*117*old pin*new pin* new pin#To change the transfer of credit default password. i.e 1234
Dial 555Family and friends
*127#Check your Vodafone mobile number
*516*0208 xxx xxx*5*1234#Transfer credit in Cedis only. Enter: *516*recipient’s number*credit in new Ghana cedis*password# and send.
109To retrieve voice mail.
*505#To borrow credit
*7070#Vodafone Red offers
*516*0208 xxx xxx *0*30*1234#Transfer credit in Cedis & Pesewas. Enter: *516*recipient’s number*credit in new Ghana cedis*credit in new Ghana pesewa*password# and send.
655Support text number
*700*4#Bundle data for someone
*900#Check your broadband balance
*700*1#Bundle for two devices
0501000300Whatsapp line
*700*7#Stop or continue with Pay-As-You-Go when your data bundle expires
*127*11#General news
109Voicemail receiving
*500#Blackberry Offers
*565#Reserve your number to avoid losing it
PORT to 600Number portability
*151#For more information on Vodafone products and services
02xxxxxxxx Simbox to 419Report SIM-Box fraud
*400#To know if your number is registered
*150#Roaming enquiry

How to Check Telecel Data Balance in Ghana

You can check your Telecel data balance in Ghana using the following USSD code:

  • Dial *126# on your phone.

This code is specifically for checking your account balance, which will include your remaining data allowance.

Via Telecel App

Here’s how to check your Telecel data balance in Ghana via the Telecel App:

  1. Download and Install the App:
  • If you haven’t already, download the Telecel App from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  1. Launch the App and Login:
  • Open the Telecel App on your phone.
  • Sign in using your registered Telecel phone number and password.
  1. View Your Data Balance: Once logged in, your data balance information should be readily available on the app’s home screen. It might be displayed as a prominent number or within a dedicated “Account Summary” section.

In some cases, you might need to tap an additional option like “Data” or “Usage” to see the specific details of your remaining data allowance.

How to Buy Telecel Data Bundles Via USSD Code

Open the phone dialer app on your phone and dial the Telecel USSD code: *111#.

You’ll receive a prompt on your phone with a menu of options.

Look for the option related to “Data” or “Bundles.”.

Press the corresponding key on your phone’s keypad to select the “Data” or “Bundles” option.

You’ll then likely see a sub-menu listing various data bundle options offered by Telecel. This menu might show details like data allowance, validity period, and cost.

Carefully review the listed data plans.

To choose a specific data bundle, simply press the corresponding key displayed next to the desired plan on your phone’s keypad.

You might receive a confirmation prompt asking you to verify your purchase. Double-check the details (data amount, validity) before proceeding.

Press the key indicated for confirmation (usually “1” or “yes”).

Upon successful confirmation, you should receive a confirmation message on your phone indicating that your chosen data bundle has been activated.

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