Best WASSCE Remedial Schools Open For Admission In Ghana

By | March 18, 2024

Best WASSCE Remedial Schools Open For Admission In Ghana

WASSCE Remedial Schools in Ghana help students improve their grades and achieve their educational goals by offering intensive programs tailored to their specific needs, ensuring comprehensive preparation for the WASSCE examination, despite not all students achieving desired grades. What is a WASSCE Remedial school?

A WASSCE remedial school provides special classes for students needing extra support to improve their WASSCE results, often for those not prepared for regular work or university applications.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a WASSCE Remedial School

Choosing the right WASSCE remedial school can make a big difference in your success. Here are some important factors to consider:

  • Make sure the school offers intensive support in the specific subjects you need to improve on.
  • Consider if you prefer a more traditional lecture style or a more interactive and individualized approach.
  • Research the school’s track record for helping students improve their WASSCE scores.
  • Consider the tuition fees, as well as any additional costs for materials or transportation.
  • Read online reviews or talk to students who have attended the school to get their feedback.

Best WASSCE Remedial Schools Open For Admission In Ghana

Ideal College

  • 0207857672/ 0244275830
  • GA-546-3560

Bright Senior High School

Address: 5JRX+96J, Akyem Kukurantumi
Phone: 027 717 1717

Agyenkwaso SHS & Remedial College

The phone number for Agyenkwaso SHS & Remedial College is +233 59 248 8441. You can also contact them on WhatsApp at 0592422918. 

Supreme International College

Address: Near Fidelity Bank, No. CA25 Adenta – Dodowa Rd, Accra
Phone: 024 639 7453

Excellent Grade Academy (Wassce)

Address:, Accra
Phone: 024 472 5855

Koyoyo Remedial College

Phone: 059 860 9544


EndTime College Gh

His Majesty Academy

De-Cotz College, Accra

St. James Academy, Kumasi

How much does WASSCE Remedial School cost in Ghana?

The cost of WASSCE Remedial School in Ghana varies based on the number of subjects needed, location, program length, and additional support services offered. Schools in major cities may charge more than those in rural areas, while some offer full-time or part-time programs. Below are general examples of WASSCE remedial schools in Ghana, along with estimated costs, but actual costs may vary.

  1. Prestige Academy offers premium education with smaller class sizes and one-on-one tutoring, charging GHS 2,000-2,500 per subject.
  2. The ideal college offers a standard program with a mix of class sizes and less emphasis on individual tutoring, costing around GHS 1,500-2,000 per subject.
  3. Brighten Academy: Located outside of Accra, this school might offer a more affordable option with larger class sizes. They could be around GHS 1,200-1,800 per subject.
  4. Central Region Remedial School, a government-run or subsidized option, offers economical education with larger class sizes and fewer resources, with hypothetical fees of GHS 800-1,200 per subject.

Application Deadline For WASSCE Remedial Schools in Ghana

Most WASSCE remedial schools in Ghana have no single application deadline due to their flexible enrollment and program options, which may vary depending on the student’s chosen full-time, part-time, or evening classes, and the WASSCE exam schedules.

When will NovDec Start in 2024?

The exact date for the WAEC Nov/Dec exams in Ghana is not yet announced, but based on past years, they typically take place between November and December. Read More

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