A-Plus Life Assurance Company Limited Cash Plan Products

A-Plus Life Assurance Company Limited Cash Plan Products

The Exceed Life Cash Plan is a saving plan specifically designed to provide an avenue through which policyholders would create wealth by way of investments for future security, and also to provide protection for family income in case of untimely death.

Eligibility (Entry Age)

The minimum and maximum age at entry is 18 and 57 years respectively.

Effective Date

Cover under this policy starts when the first premium is received by the company.

Insuring Clause

The company should be notified with proof in writing when the policyholder dies.


  • The policy covers the policyholder that is named as life assured on the schedule of the policy
  • The policy provides optional permanent and total disability rider benefits
  • Surrender value is payable and paid up value is available under the policy

Survival Benefit

The policy provides a guaranteed payment in the survival of the policyholder as follows

  • 25% of the sum assured will be paid at the end of one-third of the policy term
  • 25% of the sum assured will be paid at the end of the two-third of the policy
  • 50% of the sum assured will be paid at the end of the policy term.

Death Benefit

The amount of the benefit will be Sum Assured of the policy or the corresponding Sum Assured at the time of death if the benefits increase option was exercised

Rider Benefit

The full Sum Assured is payable on the provision of medical evidence of disability which is permanent.


The total premium payable is based on the level of cover selected. The plan is flexible in terms of premium payments. Premium may be paid on monthly, quarterly or annual basis.

Option For Automatic Premium/Benefit Increase

The policyholder has the option to increase the contractual premium on an annual basis in order for the benefits to be inflation-linked.

Free Look/Right Of Cancellation

Right to examine and Return Policy within 15 days. If you returned it within the 15 days period, the policy will be void from the beginning. We will refund any contributions paid less policy fee.

Default And Lapse

When the policyholder fails to pay any premium on or before its due date, it shall constitute default under the policy and the assurance shall cease. The policy would lapse when premiums are not received for three months and there is no sufficient funds in the savings component.


The policy pays maturity value at the end of the policy term.

Surrender Value

The policy acquires a surrender value after it has been in force after twenty-four (24) months and all premium within that period have been paid.

Claims Guidelines

The following would be required in handling death claims;

  • Death certificate indicating cause of death
  • Medical certificate indicating cause of death
  • Certified copy of entry into the Register of Death
  • Policy document
  • Valid national ID of claimant and the deceased
  • Any other document or information that the company shall require

Payment Of Maturity Claims

  • Completed claim form (to be provided by the company)
  • Policy document

Waiting Period

There would be a waiting period of three months at the inception of the policy.

How To Apply

Complete a proposal form in addition to the following forms:

  • Bank mandate form in case of deduction from the Bank
  • Controller input form when deduction is to be effected from the Controller and Accountant General
  • ID Card for the