AAU Accommodation Portal Login ; Ambrose Alli Hostels Booking

AAU Accommodation Portal Login ; Ambrose Alli Hostels Booking

The AAU Accommodation Portal Login -https://hostel.aaua.edu.ng/ has been enabled by the Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma. Follow these simple steps to Access and use the portal .

AAU Accommodation Portal Eligibility

  • Prospective students
  • First year students
  • Continuing/Returning Students

Why Do I Need An Accommodation Portal ?

Various experts explain how accommodation provides students with a “sense of belonging and security,” which can encourage them to “take on the risks and challenges of higher education, and to achieve the associated academic and life growth.” This portal is where you register your details to apply to live in accommodation.

We are pleaseed to inform you about AAU Hostel Portal- Forms, Booking, Rooms, Accommodation Fees & Pictures for 2022-2023 Academic Year

How To Access AAU Accommodation Portal Login

To access the AAU accommodation portal and log in to check information about Ambrose Alli University hostels, you should follow these general steps:

  1. Visit the Official AAU Website: Visit Ambrose Alli University’s official website using your preferred search engine.
  2. Locate Accommodation or Student Services Section: Explore university accommodation and student services sections on the website.
  3. Access the Accommodation Portal: Access the accommodation portal by clicking on the link in the student services section.
  4. Login or Register: Log in with existing account credentials or register if new to the platform.
  5. Check Hostel Information: Log in to access hostel information, room types, rates, availability.
  6. Make Bookings or Inquiries: Portal allows booking hostels and requesting availability information.rs.

How do I apply for AAU accommodation?

  1. Visit the AAU Official Website: Access Ambrose Alli University’s official website using a search engine.
  2. Locate Accommodation Information: Explore website’s accommodation section for hostel information, room types, rates, and application process.
  3. Access the Accommodation Application Portal: Access accommodation application portal by clicking link in accommodation section.
  4. Login or Register:Log in with existing account credentials, or register or create a new account if not already registered.
  5. Complete Application Form: Complete accommodation application form with personal details.
  6. Select Accommodation Preferences: Indicate preferred hostel, room type, and other preferences.
  7. Upload Documentation: University applicants may need to upload documents, including student ID and paperwork.
  8. Submit Application Fee: Application fee may apply for accommodation; follow portal instructions..
  9. Review and Submit: Application fee may apply for accommodation; follow portal instructions.
  10. Wait for Confirmation: Submit application, receive confirmation, university reviews, provides next steps, allocation, payment procedures.
  11. Follow Further Instructions: Successful application receives payment, move-in dates, key collection instructions.

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