Air Hostess Salary In Ghana

Air Hostess Salary In Ghana

Air Hostess Salary In Ghana Averagely Ranges from from 2000GHS (minimum salary) to 5000.00 GHS (highest average).

Who Is A Air Hostess ?

An air hostess is a member of a commercial airplane’s cabin crew who ensures passengers are safe and cared for during a flight. They perform their work for a single airline and undergo training that can last several weeks to prepare them for their duties.

Qualification Required & Experience For Air Hostess In Ghana

Most airlines will often need an air hostess to possess at least a tertiary degree in any field of study. However, preference is given to graduates of hospitality, tourism or management-related courses. Aside from your degree, you’ll also be required to enrol in an aviation training school.

• Minimum of 2 to three years working experience in any field
• Must be at least 23 years of age.
• Minimum: Diploma or equivalency
• Fluent in English | French or Spanish will be a plus.

Below is Air Hostess Salary In Ghana

The idea of being an air hostess or a flight attendant is fascinating to a lot of young people. This is why most of them want to know how much an air hostess’s salary in Ghana is. The job is a very lucrative one and comes with lots of fun as well.

Air hostess salary in Ghana

Since this occupation is very lucrative, you expect workers in this field to earn a lot. In Ghana, the amount of money taken home by an air hostess every month is not published.

However, we have been able to research to find out the general salary of flight attendants and stewards in Ghana. Depending on cadre and experience, flight attendants (including air hostesses) earn between GHC 5.08 and GHC 19.05 every hour.

Their job is to ensure that travelers are comfortable aboard flights and safe as well. To this end, you find them serving beverages and meals on flights. They also provide other services that are geared at providing comfort to passengers.

Behavioral skills required to become an air hostess

Comely personality

Great communication skills

Ability to work under pressure


Working for long hours

Positive attitude

What should I study to become an air hostess?

The minimum eligibility criteria for working as an Air Hostess or Flight Steward is a 10+2 diploma in any stream (Science/Commerce/Arts) with English as a subject. The minimum educational requirement is a 10+2 diploma. Having said that, graduates or diploma holders are typically preferred by airlines.

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