AISD Cloud Login ;HowToAccess Student Self-Service

AISD Cloud Login ;HowToAccess Student Self-Service

The Authority of the Austin Independent School District has enabled the AISD Cloud Login. Follow these simple steps to Access and use the portal .

Students will use their district-issued User ID and Password to access the portal. All students who are currently enrolled in AISD are automatically set up for an AISD Cloud. Besides, Students should ask their teacher for their username and password to access the AISD Student Portal.

How to Access AISD Cloud Student Self-Serve

Austin ISD students are able to access their grades and assignments through the AISD Cloud.

  1. Login to the AISD Cloud via
  2. Tap on Student Self-Serve
  3. URL will be redirected to the Frontline Education login screen
  4. Sign in with AISD cloud login credentials
  5. To find your grades, click on the tab titled Report Cards.
  6. To find assignments associated with your grades, click on the grade value.
  7. A new tab titled Assignments will appear displaying the assignment associated with the grade.
  8. To see additional assignments, click on the Report Cards tab again and select another grade value.

NB: The assignments listed in Student Self-Serve are not necessarily reflective of the assignments in BLEND. Please continue to check BLEND for assignments from your teachers.

How to Login AISD Parent Cloud

Here is Austin Independent School District Parent Self Serve application. You MUST have a Parent Cloud login in order to access this system. To create one, go to AISD Portal

  1. Go to Frontline Education Portal
  2. Enter your User ID and Password
  3. Tap Sign On Button

Grade Value Codes and Their Interpretations

  • Blank: No impact on the average
  • EXC (Excused): No impact on the average
  • PND (Pending): No impact on the average
  • ABS (Absent): No impact on the average
  • I (Incomplete): Counts as a zero in the calculation of the average
  • MSG (Missing): Counts as a zero in the calculation of the average
  • (Zero): Counts as a zero in the calculation of the average

How to Download and Use AISD Mobile App

Students can download a mobile app to their phones or tablets to access grades and assignments.

From the app store, find the TEAMS Mobile app. (from an iPhone and might look different for other device types.)

  1. Launch the TEAMS Mobile App
  2. Tap the Select drop-down menu
  3. Select Austin ISD
  4. Tap Submit
  5. Tap Student to choose your Account Type and tap Submit
  6. Enter your Austin ISD Cloud User ID and Password and tap Login
  7. Tap Report Cards.
  8. Tap on the Course Number/Name
  9. Tap on Assignments to see the list of assignments for the course

Email Teachers via AISD Cloud

  1. From the Assignments screen, tap Student Home
  2. Student Self-Serve: Grades and Assignments
  3. Tap Email Teacher
  4. Tap in the Teacher Name field to select a teacher to email

Contact AISD

You can also send a TEXT to Let’s Talk at 512-886-6434 or call the Family Support Line at 512-414-9187

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