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All Nations University College Scholarships

Counseling Centre

The Counseling Centre assists students in their academic pursuits and spiritual development for effective Total Personality Development. There are two major focus areas of the Counseling Centre:

  • Providing information about courses, programmes and entrance requirements for the various departments
  • Providing information on general university regulations
  • Helping students to define their academic goals and to choose courses and programmes that will help them attain their goals.
  • Assisting students with academic difficulties experienced during the semester by reviewing their progress and suggesting strategies for improving grades
  • Helping students to improve learning skills and develop their own unique resources and capabilities
  • Teaching students to apply general strategies for handling university work more effectively

Student Orientation

The New Student Orientation is an extensive five-day programme that focuses on presentations about the academic practices, traditions and community. The Offices of the V.P. Academic Affairs, Registrar, IT and Student Affairs provide orientation information concerning campus accessibility.
The Orientation covers various topics of interest for new students:

  • To welcome new students and help them to adjust and adapt to University life
  • To expose new students to facilities available in the University towards making university education a rewarding experience.
  • To expose new students to the rules and regulations that govern student life and welfare on the one hand, and academic work on the other hand
  • To inform students about their rights and responsibilities, privileges and obligations with respect to fellow students, the University authorities, statutory bodies, and to themselves.
  • To expose students to appropriate study skills for effective University education.

Counseling Center

ANU provides a wide range of counseling services including Academic Counseling, Christian Counseling, Personal Counseling to help students address various problems and situations through an effective process. Ever in need to talk to someone? Schedule a session at +233 20 174 2690.

Student Success

The Student Success Group (SSG) initiative provides a focus on retention and success of underrepresented students with expanding contributions to all undergraduates. It is a dynamic area in which collaboration between existing programs and new innovative student experiences are built to promote cultural change on the ANU campus. It is our goal that this change fosters a more interdependent, academic, ethical, safe, and connected community.