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Where to Study lab Technician Course In Ghana

Where to Study lab Technician Course In Ghana Where can I Study lab Technician Course In Ghana? You can take courses in lab technician at a number of institutes in Ghana.  These organizations consist of: University of Health and Allied Sciences (UHAS): Located in Ho, Volta Region, UHAS is a public university.  A Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Technology is available from them. Public university Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) is situated in Kumasi, Ashanti Region.  A Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Technology is available from them. University of Cape Coast (UCC): Located in Cape Coast, in the Central Region, UCC is a public university.  A Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Technology is available from them. Accra Technical University (ATU): Located in Accra, ATU is a public technical university.  A Higher National Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology is available from them. How much does it cost to Study lab Technician Course In Ghana? The price of doing lab technician courses in Ghana varies according to the school that offers them, their difficulty level, and how long they last. Usually speaking, public universities charge less than private universities, and diploma programs cost less than degree programs. Following are some approximate price ranges for lab technician training in Ghana: The cost of a Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Technology at the University of Health and Allied Sciences (UHAS) is approximately GHS 3,000 to GHS 5,000 per year for Ghanaian students and GHS 7,000 to GHS 9,000 per year for international students. University of Science and Technology of Kwame Nkrumah (KNUST):  Their Medical Laboratory Technology Bachelor of Science degree costs around Is a lab technician a good career in Ghana? Indeed, working as a lab technician in Ghana can be a rewarding career decision. … Read More »

Worldremit Referral Code In Ghana

Worldremit Referral Code In Ghana What is meant by Worldremit Referral Code? Users of WorldRemit are provided with a special code to share with their friends, family, or acquaintances.  Both the referring user and the new user may be eligible for incentives or perks when a new user registers using a referral code.  The referral code is a means for WorldRemit, an online money transfer business that enables users to send money to numerous countries around the world, to gain new customers through word-of-mouth advertising.  The referral code may be distributed using a variety of platforms, including email, social media, messaging services, and others.  Depending on the terms and circumstances of the referral program, the prizes or perks that the referring user and the new user receive may differ. What is the importance of Worldremit Referral Code? WorldRemit Referral Code is significant for various reasons: Incentivizes sharing: By delivering prizes or benefits to both the referring user and the new user, WorldRemit Referral Code incentivizes existing users to promote the platform with their friends, family, and contacts.  This promotes viral marketing and draws more users to the platform. Affordable customer acquisition: Referral programs are an affordable strategy for businesses to bring on new clients.  WorldRemit can attract new users by making use of their current user base without having to invest a lot of money in conventional advertising channels. Builds credibility: When a current user recommends a new user to WorldRemit, it contributes to the platform’s trustworthiness.  The likelihood that a new user will believe the platform and use it increases Frequently asked questions about Worldremit Referral Code? These are some of the most typical queries regarding WorldRemit Referral Code: Where do I find… Read More »

Call Forwarding Code In Ghana

Call Forwarding Code In Ghana; What is meant by Call Forwarding Code In Ghana? Call Forwarding Code in Ghana refers to a feature provided by mobile network operators that allows users to divert incoming calls from their mobile phone to another number, such as a landline or another mobile phone. The feature is activated by… Read More »

GES Promotion Exams Test Dates Released

GES Promotion Exams Test Dates Released The management of Ghana Education Service (GES) wishes to inform all staff due for a promotion that the shortlist for applicants eligible to write the aptitude test for Promotion Ranks Principal Superintendent, Assistant Director II, Assistant Director I, and Deputy Director has been completed. The proposed date for the Aptitude test… Read More »

2023 UACE Results Is Out Now In Uganda

2023 UACE Results Is Out Now In Uganda Janet Kataha Museveni has release the 2022 Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) results , today February 9 , 2023 in Uganda. All candidates are to follow the procedures below to check your Result on UNEB eReg Portal. How to Check UNEB Results UNEB UCE Results results have been successfully uploaded… Read More »

Request For GES Promotion Index Number And Exams Centre

Request For GES Promotion Index Number And Exams Centre Sample Letter: DearSir/Madam, Request for GES Promotion Index Number and Exam Centre Please my name is ……………………………., a teacher from …………………………. in the …………………………… District of the ………………………… Region. I registered for the teacher promotion exams for the rank of Principal Superintendent in the Ghana education… Read More »

GES Releases Index Numbers And Centres For Promotional Exams

GES Releases Index Numbers And Centres For Promotional Exams The Ghana Education Service GES Releases Index Numbers And Centres For Promotional Exams . The Ghana Education Service has finally released the Index Numbers for teachers that are due and are qualified to be promoted the the various ranks. The Exams which was to be taken somewhere December… Read More »

SHS 1 Students Begins Clases On February 27th

SHS 1 Students Begins Clases On February 27th SHS 1 Students Begins Clases On February 27th. Reporting Date for Form One students is 20th February 2023 .The one week period is for registration and Orientation. Download GES Revised Academic Calendar For SHS PDF Here ; The management of the Ghana Education Service has released the… Read More »