Automobile Engineer Salary In Ghana

Automobile Engineer Salary In Ghana

Automobile Engineer Salary In Ghana Averagely Ranges from from 1,360 GHS (lowest) to 9,050 GHS (highest).

Who Is A Automobile Engineer ?

Automotive engineers work as part of a team responsible for vehicle design, development, manufacture and testing. Automotive engineers are involved in the design, manufacture, distribution, marketing, sales and after-sales care of cars (including racing cars), motorbikes and other commercial vehicles.

Qualification Required & Experience For Automobile Engineer In Ghana

•   HND Mechanical Engineering (Automobile Engineering)
•   At least 2 years of experience with Chinese trucks
•   Should be able to drive

Below is Automobile engineering Salary In Ghana

Auto Electrician

1,141 – 2,418 GHS

Car Glass Fitter

Car Mechanic

1,072 – 2,345 GHS

Car Upholsterer

Design Engineer

1,279 – 3,585 GHS

Diagnostic Technician

896 – 2,899 GHS

Electrical Engineering Technician

1,223 – 2,691 GHS

Machine Operator

946 – 2,042 GHS

Maintenance Engineer

1,063 – 3,729 GHS 

Mechatronics Technician

1,210 – 2,579 GHS

Process Engineer

1,353 – 3,912 GHS

Quality Inspector

949 – 2,469 GHS


917 – 2,053 GHS


1,164 – 3,346 GHS

Tyre Fitter

959 – 2,080 GHS


1,098 – 2,426 GHS

Vehicle Body Repairer

1,046 – 2,287 GHS

What is the work of an automobile engineer?

The study of automotive engineering is to design, develop, fabricate, and test vehicles or vehicle components from the concept stage to the production stage. Production, development, and manufacturing are the three major functions in this field.

What are subjects in automobile engineering?

The curricula for Automobile Engineering includes subjects like,

Fluid Mechanics and Machinery.

Manufacturing Methods.

Strength of Materials.

Engineering Thermodynamics.

Heat Transfer and Combustion.

Automotive Petrol Engines.

Engineering Analysis and Numerical Methods.

Automotive Design Engines.

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