List Of Category C Schools In Ghana

List Of Category C Schools In Ghana

What is meant by Category C Schools In Ghana ? The Average Senior High school in Ghana is classified as Category C school. The educational facilities at the institutions are among the best available. Pupils in these institutions interact academically with peers who are on their aevel. This encourages healthy competition, which is to their benefit.

General Courses Offered In Category C Schools In Ghana

Below are some of the available courses at most of the senior high schools in Ghana. Studying any of the below courses comes with both core subjects and electives. The core subject includes English Language, Core Mathematics, Social Studies, and Inter-Science.


Admission Requirement For Category C Schools In Ghana

Ghana’s Category C Schools (SHS) normally have the following prerequisites for admission:

  • Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) Results: Candidates must pass the BECE nationwide test, a JHS-end nationwide test.
  • Selection of Schools: Students select their preferred SHS for BECE based on performance and openings.
  • Aggregate Score: Students select their preferred SHS for BECE based on performance and openings.
  • Placement: Admission is granted to students achieving the aggregate score cutoff using the Ghana Education Service’s CSSPS system.
  • School-Specific Requirements: Schools may have specific admission standards, subject requirements, or criteria.
  • Residential Status: Catchment area students are prioritized in schools, potentially impacting admissions to non-regional students.
  • Application Process: Additional application processes after BECE may involve additional paperwork, forms, and interviews, depending on the school.

List of Category C Schools In Ghana

Here is the full list of all Category C Schools in Ghana;

1AHAFOTerchire Senior High
2ASHANTIBodwesango Senior High
3ASHANTIAfigyaman Senior High School
4ASHANTIAdugyama Comm. Senior High
5ASHANTIMankranso Senior High
6ASHANTITweapease Senior High School
7ASHANTIManso-Adubia Senior High
8ASHANTIMansoman Senior High
9ASHANTIEsaase Bontefufuo Snr. High/Tech.
10ASHANTIAgogo State College
11ASHANTIOwerriman Senior High
12ASHANTIBanka Comm. Senior High
13ASHANTIOfoase Senior High/Tech
14ASHANTIJuaso Senior High/Tech
15ASHANTIParkoso Comm. Senior High
16ASHANTIAtwima Kwanwoma Snr High/Tech
17ASHANTIAnum Asamoah Senior High/Tech
18ASHANTIAdobewora Comm. Senior High
19ASHANTINyinahin Cath. Senior High
20ASHANTINkawie Senior High/Tech
21ASHANTIBarekese Senior High
22ASHANTIWesley High School, Bekwai
23ASHANTIDenyaseman Cath.Senior High
24ASHANTIBosome Senior High/Tech.
25ASHANTISt. George’s Senior High Tech.
26ASHANTIBosomtwe Oyoko Comm. Senior High
27ASHANTIOsei Adutwum Senior High
28ASHANTISt. Sebastian Cath. Senior High
29ASHANTIEjisuman Senior High
30ASHANTIBonwire Senior High/Tech
31ASHANTIAchinakrom Senior High
32ASHANTIEjuraman Anglican Senior High
33ASHANTIAkwesi Awobaa Senior High
34ASHANTIPentecost Senior High, Kumasi
35ASHANTIUthmaniya Senior High, Tafo
36ASHANTIAgric Nzema Senior High, Kumasi
37ASHANTIKumasi Senior High/Tech
38ASHANTIAdventist Girls Senior High, Ntonso
39ASHANTIAdanwomase Senior High
40ASHANTIKofi Adjei Senior High/Tech
41ASHANTIAntoa Senior High
42ASHANTISimms Senior High/Com.
43ASHANTIGyaama Pensan Senior High/Tech
44ASHANTIAmaniampong Senior High
45ASHANTIOpoku Agyeman Senior High/Tech
46ASHANTISt. Joseph Sem/Senior High, Mampong
47ASHANTIObuasi Senior High/Tech
48ASHANTINamong Senior High/Tech
49ASHANTIAsuoso Comm. Senior High
50ASHANTIAkumadan Senior High
51ASHANTINkenkansu Community Senior High
52ASHANTIPresby Senior High/Tech, Kwamang
53ASHANTITijjaniya Senior High
54ASHANTIEffiduase Senior High/Tech
55ASHANTIEffiduase Senior High/Com
56ASHANTIDadease Agric Senior High
57ASHANTIBodomase Senior High/Tech
58ASHANTIAdu Gyamfi Senior High
59ASHANTISabronum Methodist Senior High/Tech
60ASHANTIPrince Of Peace Girls
61ASHANTIJubilee Senior High
62ASHANTIChurch Of Christ Senior High
63ASHANTIKurofa Methodist Senior High
64ASHANTIWiafe Akenten Presby Senior High
65ASHANTISpiritan Senior High
66ASHANTIOnwe senior High Senior
67ASHANTIJ. A. Kufuor Senior High
68BONOBandaman Senior High
69BONOSt. Augustine Senior High, Nsapor-Berekum
70BONOMethodist Senior High/Tech.,Biadan
71BONODuadaso No. 1 Senior High/Tech.
72BONONkyeraa Senior High Sch.
73BONOKoase Senior High/Tech
74BONO EASTAtebubu Senior High
75BONO EASTKintampo Senior High
76BONO EASTNew Longoro Comm.School (Dega)
77BONO EASTBusunya Senior High
78BONO EASTAbeaseman Comm. Day Senior High
79BONO EASTKwame Danso Senior High/Tech
80BONO EASTKwarteng Ankomah Senior High
81BONO EASTGyarko Comm. Day Senior High
82BONO EASTKesse Basahyia Senior High
83BONO EASTSt. Francis Seminary/Senior High, Buoyem
84BONO EASTKrobo Comm.Senior High
85BONO EASTBassa Community Senior High
86BONO EASTNew Krokompe Comm. Senior High
87BONO EASTAbrafi Senior High
88CENTRALMoree Comm. Senior High
89CENTRALAburaman Senior High
90CENTRALAbakrampa Senior High/Tech
91CENTRALAgona Namonwora Comm.Senior High
92CENTRALKwanyako Senior High
93CENTRALAgona Fankobaa Senior High
94CENTRALSwedru Sch. Of Business
95CENTRALEnyan Maim Comm. Day School
96CENTRALMando Senior High/Tech.
97CENTRALEnyan Denkyira Senior High
98CENTRALBisease Senior High/Com
99CENTRALOdoben Senior High
100CENTRALBrakwa Senior High/Tech
101CENTRALAssin State College
102CENTRALGyaase Community Senior High
103CENTRALObiri Yeboah Senior High/Technical
104CENTRALAssin North Senior High/Tech
105CENTRALAssin Nsuta Agric. Senior High
106CENTRALAssin Manso Senior High
107CENTRALNyankumase Ahenkro Snr. High
108CENTRALAwutu Bawjiase Comm. Senior High
109CENTRALOdupong Comm. Day School
110CENTRALObrachire Senior High/Tech
111CENTRALSenya Senior High
112CENTRALEffutu Senior High/Tech
113CENTRALOguaa Senior High/Tech
114CENTRALJ.E.A. Mills Senior High
115CENTRALFettehman Senior High
116CENTRALGomoa Gyaman Senior High
117CENTRALPotsin T.I. Ahm. Senior High
118CENTRALGomoa Senior High/Tech
119CENTRALCollege of Music Senior, Mozano
120CENTRALEguafo-Abrem Senior High
121CENTRALKomenda Senior High/Tech.
122CENTRALMankessim Senior High/Tech
123CENTRALAbeadze State College
124CENTRALKwegyir Aggrey Senior High
125CENTRALJukwa Senior High
126CENTRALDunkwa Senior High/Tech
127CENTRALAyanfuri Senior High
128CENTRALKyekyewere Comm. Senior High School
129CENTRALAkyin Senior High School
130CENTRALOgyeedom Comm.Snr High/Tech
131CENTRALMokwaa Senior High Sch
132CENTRALSt. Gregory Catholic Senior High School
133CENTRALBontrase Senior High Tech. Sch
134EASTERNMem-Chemfre Comm. Senior High
135EASTERNDonkorkrom Agric Senior High
136EASTERNMaame Krobo Comm. Senior High
137EASTERNSt. Fidelis Senior High/Tech
138EASTERNMampong/Akw Snr. High/Tech for the Deaf
139EASTERNPresby Senior High, Mampong Akwapim
140EASTERNPresby Senior High/Tech, Larteh
141EASTERNH’Mount Sinai Senior High
142EASTERNPresby Senior High/Tech, Adukrom
143EASTERNMangoase Senior High
144EASTERNPresby Senior High/Tech, Aburi
145EASTERNDiaspora Girls’ Senior High
146EASTERNAkokoaso Senior High/Tech
147EASTERNAyirebi Senior High
148EASTERNBoso Senior High Technical
149EASTERNAnum Presby Senior High
150EASTERNApeguso Senior High
151EASTERNAdjena Senior High/Tech.
152EASTERNS.D.A. Senior High. Akim Sekyere
153EASTERNAnum Apapam Comm. Day
154EASTERNKraboa-Coaltar Presby Snr. High/Tech.
155EASTERNAtweaman Senior High
156EASTERNAkroso Senior High/Tech
157EASTERNNew Abirem/Afosu Senior High
158EASTERNSt. Michael’s Senior High, Akoase (Nkawkaw)
159EASTERNAkim Swedru Senior High
160EASTERNAperade Senior High/Tech.
161EASTERNTarkrosi Comm. Senior High
162EASTERNSalvation Army Senior High, Akim Wenchi
163EASTERNAkim Asafo Senior High
164EASTERNApedwa Presby Senior High
165EASTERNSt. Stephen’s Presby Snr. High/Tech, Asiakwa
166EASTERNNew Nsutam Senior High/Tech
167EASTERNOsino Presby Senior High/Tech.
168EASTERNAsuom Senior High
169EASTERNBepong Senior High School
170EASTERNSt. Paul’s Senior High, Asakraka Kwahu
171EASTERNFodoa Comm. Senior High
172EASTERNAkro Senior High/Tech
173EASTERNAkuse Methodist Senior High/Tech
174EASTERNNsawam Senior High
175EASTERNPresby Senior High, Suhum
176EASTERNAsesewa Senior High School
177EASTERNKwaobaah Nyanoa Comm. Senior High
178EASTERNAdeiso Presby Senior High
179EASTERNSt. Thomas Senior High/Tech
180EASTERNKlo-Agogo Senior High
181EASTERNYilo Krobo Senior High/Com
182EASTERNAmoana Praso Senior High
183G. ACCRAEbenezer Senior High
184G. ACCRAAccra Wesley Girls High
185G. ACCRAPresby Senior High, Osu
186G. ACCRAHoly Trinity Senior High
187G. ACCRAKaneshie Senior High/Tech.
188G. ACCRAKinbu Senior High/Tech
189G. ACCRAAda Senior High/Tech.
190G. ACCRAFrafraha Comm. Senior High
191G. ACCRAAshiaman Senior High
192G. ACCRAKwabenya Comm. Senior High
193G. ACCRAChristian Methodist Senior High
194G. ACCRANgleshie Amanfro Senior High
195G. ACCRAAmasaman Senior High/Tech
196G. ACCRAAdjen Kotoku Senior High
197G. ACCRAAkramaman Senior High
198G. ACCRAKpone Comm. Senior High
199G. ACCRALa Presby Senior High
200G. ACCRAPresby Senior High, Teshie
201G. ACCRAO’Reilly Senior High
202G. ACCRAOsudoku Senior High/Tech.
203G. ACCRATema Meth. Day Senior High
204G. ACCRAPresby Senior High, Tema
205G. ACCRALashibi Comm. Day
206G. ACCRATema Manhean Senior High/Tech
207NORTH EASTNakpanduri Senior High
208NORTH EASTBunkpurugu Senior High/Tech
209NORTH EASTChereponi Senior High/Tech.
210NORTH EASTNalerigu Senior High
211NORTH EASTGambaga Girls Senior High
212NORTH EASTYagaba Senior High School
213NORTH EASTWulugu Senior High
214NORTH EASTWalewale Senior High
215NORTH EASTJanga Senior High/Tech
216NORTH EASTSakogu Senior High/Tech
217NORTH EASTLangbinsi Senior High/Tech
218NORTHERNGushegu Senior High
219NORTHERNKaraga Senior High
220NORTHERNKpandai Senior High
221NORTHERNKumbungu Senior High
222NORTHERNSang Comm. Day School
223NORTHERNBimbilla Senior High
224NORTHERNWulensi Senior High
225NORTHERNWapuli Comm. Senior High
226NORTHERNSaboba E.P. Senior High
227NORTHERNIslamic Science Senior High, Tamale
228NORTHERNNorthern School of Business
229NORTHERNPong-Tamale Senior High
230NORTHERNSavelugu Senior High
231NORTHERNPresby Senior High, Tamale
232NORTHERNBusiness Senior High, Tamale
233NORTHERNVitting Senior High/Tech.
234NORTHERNAnbariya Senior High Sch.
235NORTHERNE. P. Agric Senior High/Tech.
236NORTHERNTolon Senior High
237NORTHERNDagbon State Senior High/Tech
238NORTHERNZabzugu Senior High
239NORTHERNKasuliyili Senior High
240NORTHERNMpaha Comm. Senior High
241OTITapaman Senior High/Tech
242OTIBiakoye Comm. School
243OTIBowiri Comm. Day School
244OTINkonya Senior High
245OTIWorawora Senior High
246OTIAhamansu Islamic Senior High School
247OTIKadjebi-Asato Senior High
248OTIDodi-Papase Senior High/Tech
249OTIYabram Comm. Day School
250OTIAsukawkaw Senior High
251OTIOti Senior High/Tech Sch
252OTINchumuruman Comm. Day Senior High
253OTIKete Krachi Senior High/Tech.
254OTIKrachi Senior High
255OTIKpassa Senior High/Tech
256OTINkwanta Comm.Senior High
257OTIKyabobo Girls’ School
258OTINtruboman Senior High
259OTINkwanta Senior High
260SAVANNAHBamboi Comm. Senior High
261SAVANNAHBole Senior High
262SAVANNAHSt. Anthony of Padua Senior High/Tech
263SAVANNAHBuipe Senior High
264SAVANNAHSalaga Senior High
265SAVANNAHSalaga T.I. Ahmad Senior High
266SAVANNAHDaboya Comm. Day School
267SAVANNAHSawla Senior High Sch.
268SAVANNAHTuna Senior High/Tech.
269SAVANNAHDamongo Senior High
270SAVANNAHNdewura Jakpa Senior High/Tech.
271U. EASTBawku Senior High/Tech.
272U. EASTKusanaba Senior High
273U. EASTBinduri Comm. Senior High
274U. EASTGambigo Comm. Day Senior High
275U. EASTZuarungu Senior High
276U. EASTBolga Sherigu Comm. Senior High
277U. EASTZamse Senior High/Tech
278U. EASTGowrie Senior High/Tech.
279U. EASTBongo Senior High
280U. EASTZorkor Senior High
281U. EASTSandema Senior High
282U. EASTNaab Azantilow Senior High/Tech.
283U. EASTKanjaga Comm. Senior High
284U. EASTFumbisi Senior High
285U. EASTGaru Comm. Day Senior High
286U. EASTTempane Senior High
287U. EASTO.L.L. Girls Senior High
288U. EASTAwe Senior High/Tech.
289U. EASTSt. John’s Integrated Snr. High/Tech
290U. EASTSirigu Senior High
291U. EASTChiana Senior High
292U. EASTMirigu Community Day Senior High
293U. EASTNabango Senior High School
294U. EASTPaga Senior High
295U. EASTKongo Senior High
296U. EASTTongo Senior High/Tech
297U. EASTWiaga Comm. Senior High
298U. EASTAzeem-Namoa Senior High/Tech
299U. EASTPusiga Comm. Day Senior High Sch.
300U. WESTDaffiamah Senior High
301U. WESTJirapa Senior High
302U. WESTUllo Senior High
303U. WESTPiina Senior High
304U. WESTLambussie Comm. Senior High
305U. WESTEremon Senior High/Tech.
306U. WESTBirifoh Senior High Sch.
307U. WESTKaleo Senior High/Tech
308U. WESTSt. Augustine Senior High/Tech, Saan Charikpong
309U. WESTTakpo Senior High Sch.
310U. WESTKo Senior High
311U. WESTHoly Family Senior High
312U. WESTTumu Senior High/Tech.
313U. WESTDr. Hila Liman Senior High School
314U. WESTFunsi Senior High School
315U. WESTLoggu Comm. Day School
316U. WESTIslamic Senior High, Wa
317U. WESTWa Senior High/Tech.
318U. WESTNorthern Star Senior High
319U. WESTJamiat Al-Hidaya Islamic Girls
320U. WESTHan Senior High
321U. WESTSombo Senior High
322VOLTAAdaklu Senior High
323VOLTALeklebi Senior High
324VOLTAVe Comm. Senior High
325VOLTAJim Bourton Mem Agric. Senior High
326VOLTAZiope Senior High Sch.
327VOLTAAgotime Senior High
328VOLTAAkatsi Senior High/Tech
329VOLTAAve Senior High
330VOLTAAvenor Senior High
331VOLTAAtiavi Senior High/Tech
332VOLTAVolta Senior High School
333VOLTATsiame Senior High
334VOLTAZion Senior High
335VOLTAAbor Senior High
336VOLTAKeta Business Senior High
337VOLTAAnlo Awomefia Senior High
338VOLTAAnlo Afiadenyigba Senior High
339VOLTAAdidome Senior High
340VOLTAShia Senior HighTechnical
341VOLTASokode Senior High/Tech
342VOLTATaviefe Comm. Senior High
343VOLTAZiavi Senior High/Tech
344VOLTATanyigbe Senior High
345VOLTAKpedze Senior High
346VOLTAAvatime Senior High
347VOLTATsito Senior High/Tech
348VOLTAAkome Senior High/Tech.
349VOLTADzolo Senior High
350VOLTAAkpafu Senior High/Tech.
351VOLTAE. P. Senior High
352VOLTAAfadjato Senior High/Tech.
353VOLTAAlavanyo Senior High/Tech.
354VOLTALikpe Senior High
355VOLTAAfife Senior High Tech.
356VOLTADzodze Penyi Senior High
357VOLTAWovenu Senior High Technical
358VOLTAWeta Senior High/Tech.
359VOLTASt. Paul’s Senior High, Denu
360VOLTAKlikor Senior High/Tech.
361VOLTASome Senior High
362VOLTAThree Town Senior High
363VOLTAAnfoega Senior High
364VOLTAVakpo Senior High/Tech
365VOLTAVolo Comm. Senior High
366VOLTABattor Senior High
367VOLTADofor Senior High
368VOLTAMepe St. Kizito Senior High/Tech.
369VOLTAAveyime Battor Senior High/Tech.
370VOLTAKpeve Senior High
371VOLTAPeki Senior High/Technical
372VOLTASt. Catherine Girls Senior High
373VOLTADabala Senior High/Tech.
374VOLTAGbekor Senior High
375WESTERNAsankrangwa Senior High/Tech
376WESTERNSankor Comm. Senior High School
377WESTERNBaidoo Bonso Senior High/Tech
378WESTERNUthman Bin Afam SHS
379WESTERNNkroful Agric. Senior High
380WESTERNBonzo-Kaku Senior High
381WESTERNAnnor Adjaye Senior High
382WESTERNGwiraman Comm.Senior High
383WESTERNAxim Girls Senior High
384WESTERNSt. Augustine’s Senior High, Bogoso
385WESTERNPrestea Senior High/Tech
386WESTERNHuni Valley Senior High
387WESTERNMethodist Senior High, Sekondi
388WESTERNTakoradi Senior High
389WESTERNDiabene Senior High/Tech
390WESTERNFiaseman Senior High
391WESTERNBenso Senior High/Tech
392WESTERNAsankrangwa Senior High
393WESTERN NORTHNana Brentu Senior High/Tech
394WESTERN NORTHAdjoafua Comm. Senior High
395WESTERN NORTHChirano Comm. Day School
396WESTERN NORTHBibiani Senior High/Tech.
397WESTERN NORTHQueens Girls’ Senior High, Sefwi Awhiaso
398WESTERN NORTHNsawora Edumafa Comm. Senior High School
399WESTERN NORTHManso-Amenfi Comm. Day School
400AshantiMethodist Technincal Institute
401AshantiSt. Michael Tech/Voc Inst
402EasternJ.G. Knol Voc. Instititute
403EasternSt. Mary’s Voc./Tech. Inst.
404Gt. AccraTeshie Tech. Instittute
405Gt. AccraAshiaman Tech/Voc. Inst.
406North EastWalewale Tech/ Voc Inst.
407NorthernTamale Technical Institute
408OtiFr. Dogli Memorial Voc/Tech. Inst.
409SavanahBuipe Tech/Voc Inst.
410Upper EastSt. Bernadettes Tech/Voc.
411Upper WestSt.John’s Voc. Tech. Institute
412VoltaSt. Daniel Comboni Tech/Voc Inst.
413VoltaC.Y.O. Tech/Voc. Inst.
414VoltaE.P. Tech/Voc Inst
415VoltaVolta Tech Inst
416VoltaAmedzofe Technical Institute
417AhafoTechnology Solution Center, Goaso
418AhafoFawohoyeden YLSTI
419AhafoGyedu ICCES
420AhafoYamfo Vocational Training Institute
421AhafoTechnology Solution Center, Bechem
422AshantiHemang Buoho Vocational Training Institute
423AshantiTechnology Solution Center, Konongo
424AshantiAsankare YLSTI
425AshantiInstitute of Business Studies-Kumasi
426AshantiNerebehi ICCES
427AshantiTwedie ICCES
428AshantiBekwai CDVTI
429AshantiTechnology Solution Center, Bekwai
430AshantiAmoafo Vocational / Technical Institute – Bekwai
431AshantiKonkoma ICCES
432AshantiTetrefu ICCES
433AshantiKwamo CDVTI
434AshantiBaworo ICCES
435AshantiOICG Kumasi Centre
436AshantiKumasi VocationalTraining Institute-Kumasi
437AshantiTechnology Solution Center, Mampong
438AshantiAmoawi ICCES
439AshantiKumawuman Inst. Of Skills Training
440AshantiTechnology Solution Center, Sekyere Kumawu
441AshantiAgona CDVTI
442BonoTechnology Solution Center, Dormaa Ahenkro
443BonoDormaa Vocational Training Institute
444BonoTechnology Solution Center, Drobo
445BonoOur Lady Fatima Vocational Training Institute
446BonoSunyani CDVTI
447BonoGRATIS Foundation- Bono Region
448BonoSocial Welfare Vocational / Rehabilitation Training Centre
449BonoNsoatre CDVTI
450BonoBechem CDVTI
451Bono EastKintampo CDVTI
452Bono EastTechnology Solution Center, Techiman
453CentralNational Vocational Training Centre – Agona – Swedru
454CentralAjumako Afranse YLSTI
455CentralCareer Training Institute
456CentralTechnology Solution Center, Assin Edubiase
457CentralAssin Foso Vocational Training Institute
458CentralTechnology Solution Center, Awutu Senya
459CentralGRATIS Foundation- Central Region
460CentralSocial Welfare Girls Vocational Training Centre
461CentralWinneba Vocational Training Institute
462CentralPanfokrom CDVTI
463CentralGomoa Adaa Vocational Training Institute
464CentralMankoadzi ICCES
465CentralKingstech ICCES
466CentralTechnology Solution Center, Elmina
467CentralTechnology Solution Center, Mankesim
468CentralVocational Training and Rehabilitation Institute, Biriwa
469EasternAkrofufu ICCES
470EasternAnum Presbyterian Vocational Training Institute
471EasternKibi CDVTI
472EasternTakrowase YLSTI
473EasternTechnology Solution Center, Donkorkrom
474EasternAbetifi Vocational Training Institute
475EasternKpong CDVTI
476EasternGRATIS Foundation- Eastern Region
477EasternSocial Welfare Vocational Training Centre – Koforidua
478EasternAbiriw ICCES
479EasternTechnology Solution Center, Suhum
480EasternSuhum CDVTI
481EasternSt. Mary’s Vocational Training Institute – Eastern
482EasternTechnology Solution Center, Asamankese
483EasternTechnology Solution Center, Somanya
484EasternSocial Welfare Vocational Training Centre
485Greater AccraNew Century Career Training Institute
486Greater AccraOICG Accra Centre
487Greater AccraPilot Training Institute-Kokomlemle
488Greater AccraKanda Career Training Institute
489Greater AccraGrowth ICCES
490Greater AccraNgleshie Amanfro ICCES
491Greater AccraMadina CDVTI
492Greater AccraAfienya YLSTI
493Greater AccraPrampram CDVTI
494Greater AccraSouth Labone Girls Vocational Training Centre – Osu – Accra
495Greater AccraAgomeda ICCES
496Greater AccraDodowa ICCES
497Greater AccraTema Industrial Mission
498Greater AccraGRATIS Foundation- Gt Accra Region
499Greater AccraConstruction Machinery Mechanic Training Institute
500North EastNalerigu YLSTI
501NorthernZugu Dabogni CDVTI
502NorthernTechnology Solution Center, Savelugu
503NorthernSt. Mary’s Vocational Training Institute
504NorthernTamale Vocational Training Institute
505NorthernGRATIS Foundation- Northern Region
506NorthernTamale CDVTI
507NorthernKofi Annan Vocational Training Institute
508OtiKete Krachi CDVTI
509OtiSt Theresa’s Vocational Training Institute
510OtiTechnology Solution Center, Krachi
511SavannahTechnology Solution Center, Bole
512SavannahTechnology Solution Center, Salaga
513SavannahTechnology Solution Center, Damango
514Upper EastBawku Vocational Training Institute
515Upper EastKusanaba Vocational Institute
516Upper EastBolga CDVTI
517Upper EastGRATIS Foundation- Upper East Region
518Upper EastBongo CDVTI
519Upper EastSandema YLSTI
520Upper EastTechnology Solution Center, Garu
521Upper EastTechnology Solution Center, Navrongo
522Upper EastNavrongo CDVTI
523Upper EastNamalteng Integrated Vocational Training InstituteI
524Upper WestIssa YLSTI
525Upper WestTechnology Solution Center, Nadowli
526Upper WestSt Anne’s Vocational Training Institute
527Upper WestSt. Clare’s Vocational Training Institute
528Upper WestGRATIS Foundation- Upper West Region
529Upper WestWa CDVTI
530VoltaAvenorpeme YLSTI
532VoltaTechnology Solution Center, Adidome
533VoltaHo CDTVI
534VoltaGRATIS Foundation- Volta Region
535VoltaSocial Welfare Vocational Training Centre
536VoltaTechnology Solution Center, Hohoe
537VoltaCaring Sisters Vocational Training Institute
538VoltaAtorkor Vocational Training Institute
539VoltaAdidome Farm Institute
540VoltaToh-Kpalime Vocational Training Institute
541WesternTechnology Solution Center, Asankragwa
542WesternNzema Maale YLSTI
543WesternTakoradi CDVTI
544WesternCharlotte Dolphyne Vocational Training Institute
545WesternTechnology Solution Center, Half Assini
546WesternAxim CDVTI
547WesternTakoradi Vocational Training Institute
Sek-Takoradi Centre
549WesternGRATIS Foundation-Western Region
550WesternSocial Welfare Vocational /Rehabilitation Training Centre
551WesternShama ICCES
552WesternManso-Amenfi Vocational Training Institute
553WesternTarkwa CDVTI
554WesternAbura YLSTI
555Western NorthTechnology Solution Center, Bibiani

Frequently Asked Questions About Category C Schools In Ghana

Q1: What are Category C schools in Ghana? Category C schools in Ghana have lower academic standards and infrastructure, often in rural or less developed areas.

Q2: How are schools categorized in Ghana? Ghana’s schools are categorized into A, B, C based on performance, infrastructure, and location.

Q3: What are the characteristics of Category C schools? Category C schools face limited resources, facilities, and funding challenges for quality education.

Q4: Are Category C schools considered inferior? Category C schools face limited resources, facilities, and funding challenges for quality education, but efforts are being made to improve conditions and learning environments.

Q5: What initiatives are in place to support Category C schools? Ghanaian government, NGO partners enhance education quality in Category C schools through infrastructure development, teacher training, and outreach.

Q6: How can I contribute to improving Category C schools in Ghana? Volunteer or donate to organizations enhancing education in rural Ghana, raising awareness and gaining support for initiatives.

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