Code To Check Car Plate Number In Ghana

Code To Check Car Plate Number In Ghana

Learn Code To Check Car Plate Number In Ghana ? The shortcode for checking vehicle registration and insurance details in Ghana is *920*57#.



The following documents should be submitted by the vehicle owner:

Custom’s documents

Two recent coloured passport size pictures of the owner

Positive personal Identification Card (Driving Licence, Voter’s ID, Passport, National ID, and NHIS ID).

Registration By An Authorized Agents

An authorised agent registering on behalf of the owner should, in addition to the documents listed under registration by the vehicle owner present the following:

Power of Attorney from the owner (Authority note)

Positive ID card of the authorised agent

Two passport size picture of the authorised agent.


Present vehicle for examination at vehicle inspection centre

Present vehicle together with Customs document to the Customs Officer for authentication

Present all documents to DVLA officials for inspection and processing.

Payment of the prescribed fees based on the cubic capacity/ tonnage of the vehicle.

Acquire Form A and VRC to complete. Affix photograph and sign appropriate places.

Return completed forms to DVLA for processing

A registration number is assigned and the number plate is issued to the owner.

Obtain a roadworthiness certificate in addition to your copies of registration documents.

Personalized Number

Besides the requirements for registration, add an application letter stating

Proposed Personalised Number

Vehicle Chassis Number, and

Current Registration Number

Check if the foreign car has been “customed” in Ghana.

In accordance with section 55(1) of the Customs Act, 2016 (Act 891) a person who imports vehicles into the country shall pay import duties and any other imposts.

All vehicles in the country that have been transported through illegal means are breaking the laws.

Before you buy or use any car, make sure that the owner has followed the right process to pay the required duty in Ghana.

If this has not been done, you are exposed to the Special Surveillance and Monitoring Unit.

Check if the car has been registered with the DVLA

There are some cars that have followed the required process to pay their duty, but they have not been registered with the DVLA Offices of Ghana. All cars in Ghana are required to be registered with the DVLA for a local number plate to be provided on the car.

It is very important that you contact the DVLA to authenticate the ownership of a car before making any payment.

Go through the DVLA Process to Change Car Ownership

If you are buying a car in Ghana, you have to make sure that the DVLA has verified the car ownership and approved all documents before proceeding with the purchase.

You also have to follow the due process to complete the car ownership before giving away your hard-earned savings.

Confirm from the nearest DVLA office near you and follow the instructions to make the ownership transfer.

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