CUCG Faculty of Information, Communication Sciences & Technology

CUCG Faculty of Information, Communication Sciences & Technology

General Description

The Faculty of Information and Communication Sciences and Technology (ICST) has two (2) basic objectives:

To develop a dedicated and  innovative Faculty of researchers and  engineers that will train graduates for the competitive job market in Ghana: graduates that are comfortable working  in  such disciplines  as Computer Engineering, Software Development, Business  Information Systems, Network Engineering, etc;

To provide computer/network service in data processing, communication and information technology support for CUCG in areas such as Research and Development, the University Library, Administration, Student Academic Records, Accounting and Computing.

The ICST Programme is designed to be relevant and innovative and able to produce graduates with a strong foundation in Information and Communication Sciences and Technology with the technical skills to provide solutions to scientific and technological problems in industry and business. As the Faculty matures, it will develop additional departments. The present Faculty Programme offers courses that might properly belong to a Department of Computer Science and are designated as Computer Science (CS) courses.

Presently the Faculty offers a BSc. Computer Science, but students will be able to choose some electives among courses offered in other faculties. In the near future, students will be given the opportunity to specialize in the following areas from the second year:

BSc Computer Science course structure
BSc. Actuarial Science
BSc. Information Technology (Networking & Security)
BSC. Information Technology (Applications Development)



Code Discipline/Course 1st sem 2nd sem
CS   101 Introduction to Logic And Set Theory 3 units
CS   102 Introduction to Physics 2 units
CS   103 Introduction to Computer Science I 3 units
CS   104 Introduction to Computer Science II 3 units
CS   107 Mathematical Foundation of Computer Science 3 units
CS   110 Structured Programming Design 3 units
CS   112 Linear Algebra  3 units
CS   112 Introduction to Pure Mathematics 3 units
CES 101 Study Skills 3 units
CES 107 Language & Communication Skills I 3 units
CES 108 Language & Communication Skills II 3 units
CES 112 Social Ethic 3 units
CES 113 Introduction to French I
CES 114 Introduction to French II  2 units
EBA 105 & 106 Introduction to Economics & Business I & II  3 units 3 units
Total 22 units 22 units


Code Discipline/Course 1st sem 2nd sem
CS   203 Computer Systems Architecture 3 units
CS   210 Data Structures 3 units
CS   205 Discrete Mathematics 3 units
CS   206 Numerical Methods and Computations 3 units
CS   217 Electronics 2 units
CS   209 Introduction to Information Systems 3 units
CS   211 Design and Analysis of Algorithms 3 units
CS   213 Programming With C++ I 3 units
CES 214 Programming With C++ II 3 units
CES 216 Operating Systems 3 units
CES 218 Systems Analysis and Design(OO) 3 units
CES 219 Accounting I  2 units
CES 220 Accounting II  2 units
CES 222 Applied Probability  2 units
EBA 213 & 214 Intermediate French I & II  2 units  2 units
Total 22 units 22 units


Code Discipline/Course 1st sem 2nd sem
CS   301 Programming With Visual Basic I 3 units
CS   302 Programming With Visual Basic II 2 units
CS   307 Software Engineering I 3 units
CS   308 Software Engineering II 3 units
CS   309 Database Systems I 3 units
CS   310 Database Systems II 3 units
CS   311 Programming with Java 3 units
CS   312 Computer Graphics and Multinedia 3 units
CS  313 Data Communication and Computer Networks I 3 units
CS  314 Data Communication and Computer Networks II 3 units
CS  306 Web Programming 3 units
CS 318 Microprocessors 3 units
CES 201 Research and Report Writing  2 units
RS 303 Catholic Social Teaching 3 units
Total 20 units 21 units


Code Discipline/Course 1st sem 2nd sem
CS   401 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence 3 units
CS   407 Human Computer Interface 3 units
CS   408 Introduction to Compilers  3 units
CS   411 Electronic Commerce Technologies  3 units
CS   412 Data Communication And Computer Security 3 units
CS   414 Wireless Technologies 3 units
CS   415 Distributed Systems 3 units
CS   417 Operations Research 3 units
CS   410 Project 3 units 3 units
EBA 424 Entrepreneurship and Small Enterprise Mgt. 3 units
RS   405 Interfaith Encounter and Religious Dialogue 3 units
Total 21 units 15 units