DUC Bachelor of Arts (Theology)

DUC Bachelor of Arts (Theology)

A degree in theology provides a foundation for critical, spiritual, and ethical reflection; for scholarship and scholarly dialogue; for teaching; and for pastoral service and administration.

The BA specialisation in Theology offers students an excellent grounding in all areas essential to a good understanding of theological studies. It covers biblical studies, church history, contemporary theology, philosophy and ethics. Students also examine the history of Christian theological thought and the relationship of Christianity to other world religions.

“Faith seeking understanding”, is a phrase that has classically described theology as a discipline. The mission of the School of Theological Studies is: “To provide, through teaching and research, an understanding of the Pentecostal/Charismatic tradition, particularly in Africa in relation to the broader Christian traditions and other religions of the world.”

Goal & Objectives:
BA (Theology) students will be equipped with the essential tools as they seek to articulate the truth of the Christian faith and ethics, particularly the implications of faith in human life and activity. They will also appreciate the practice and understanding of the faith experience as a theological enterprise with an individualised goal focus beyond religious rhetoric.

Students will acquire and develop practical knowledge and understanding in the core areas of theology in general, and Pentecostal/Charismatic theology in particular, and to become familiar with the literature, language and concepts of theology, the academic skills and attributes necessary for research, comprehension, interpretation and evaluation of theology, interpersonal and teamwork skills appropriate for ministry in the church and for further study, and a foundation in theology for self-directed and lifelong learning which will prepare students for higher research, academic and professional pursuits.