Dumbbells For Sale In Ghana

Dumbbells For Sale In Ghana

What is meant is by dumbell ?

A common piece of weightlifting and fitness equipment for gaining strength and muscle is the dumbbell. 

Exercises can be done bilaterally or unilaterally with the use of a short bar with weights attached to each end. 

Dumbbells are available in a variety of weights—typically a few pounds to many tens of pounds—and can be used for a variety of workouts that target various muscle areas.

Here are a few reasonably priced Dumbbells For Sale that are popular in Ghana:

Here are a few brands to consider:


Dumbbell sets with adjustable weights and vinyl-coated dumbbells are just a couple of the inexpensive options available from ProsourceFit. 

They offer selections for different weight preferences.

CAP Barbell:

A well-known company called CAP Barbell sells a variety of dumbbells at various pricing tiers. 

They provide options like adjustable dumbbells, cast iron dumbbells, and dumbbells with vinyl coating.


A well-known company called CAP Barbell sells a variety of dumbbells at various pricing tiers. 

They provide options like adjustable dumbbells, cast iron dumbbells, and dumbbells with vinyl coating.

Tone Fitness:

Dumbbell sets from Tone Fitness are reasonably priced and excellent for beginners or those seeking lighter weight options. 

Usually constructed of cast iron, they feature a neoprene coating for a secure grip.

Neoprene Dumbbells:

Dumbbells made of neoprene are frequently inexpensive and well-liked by beginners. 

They come in a range of weights and offer a pleasant grip.

List Of expensive Dumbbells For Sale In Ghana and Their Prices?

if you are looking for premium dumbbell options, you must consider the following brands:

Hammer Strength:

High-end dumbbells from the well-known fitness brand Hammer Strength are utilized in commercial gyms. 

These dumbbells normally have good longevity and are built of high-quality materials.

Rogue Fitness:

Dumbbells are among the top-notch exercise equipment that Rogue Fitness produces. 

They provide a range of alternatives, such as tough dumbbells with urethane or rubber coating that are suited for commercial use.


Adjustable dumbbell sets with a quick-locking system are made by Ironmaster. 

These sets are renowned for their reliable design and broad selection of weight possibilities.

Bowflex SelectTech:

Adjustable dumbbell sets from Bowflex let you gradually alter the weight. 

These sets offer a variety of weight options and frequently include a stand.

List Of Affordable Dumbbells For Sale In Ghana and Their Prices

Here are some popular and affordable dumbbell options that you can consider:

Adjustable Dumbbell Sets:

You may want to think about adjustable dumbbell sets rather than buying individual dumbbells. 

These sets usually come with a handle and weight plates that are simple to add or remove in order to change the weight as necessary. 

Vinyl-Coated Dumbbells: Vinyl-coated dumbbells are another affordable option. They feature a layer of vinyl coating that provides a comfortable grip and helps protect floors from damage. They are available in various weight increments and are suitable for home workouts.

Cast Iron Dumbbells:

Cast iron dumbbells are a classic and cost-effective option. They are durable, long-lasting, and available in different weight sizes. These dumbbells typically do not come with any additional coatings or frills, making them a budget-friendly choice.

Secondhand Dumbbells:

Also, you can look at used possibilities by browsing internet classifieds, neighborhood buy/sell forums, or workout equipment businesses. 

You may frequently find used dumbbells for less money, allowing you to save money while still getting high-quality equipment.

Neoprene Dumbbells:

Dumbbells made of neoprene are frequently inexpensive and generally accessible. 

They have a comfortable grip and a range of weight possibilities. These dumbbells are great for beginners and light to moderate weightlifting.

List Of Used dumbell For Sale In Gh and Their Prices

The following are getwway to by use dumbell in Ghana

Local Gyms or Fitness Centers:

Check with your neighborhood gyms or workout facilities to see if they have any used dumbbells for sale. 

They occasionally improve or change their equipment and offer their used dumbbells for sale at a lower cost.

Social Media Groups:

Join buy/sell groups on websites like Facebook or local fitness organizations. 

There are frequently people in these forums who might be selling used dumbbells. 

To identify acceptable options, you can do a search within the group or post a request.

Garage Sales or Flea Markets:

Look for garage sales or flea markets in your neighborhood. 

Dumbbells and other exercise equipment, including these events, are occasionally offered for sale at discounts.

Online Classified Websites:

Look at regional OLX, Jiji Ghana, or Tonaton online classifieds. 

Dumbbells are among the used training equipment that is frequently listed on these platforms. 

Where to buy dumbell in Ghana:

Decathlon Ghana – Junction Mall

4.5(640) · Sporting goods store

Accra · 059 417 7283

Open ⋅ Closes 7 pm

Seen by shoppers: dumbbells

Gym Store Ghana

5.0(1) · Sporting goods store

Accra · 024 144 7336

Open ⋅ Closes 7:30 pm

In-store shopping·In-store pick-up·Delivery

East sports Ghana

4.7(10) · Sporting goods store

Accra · 050 651 3483

Open ⋅ Closes 6:30 pm

In-store shopping·In-store pick-up·Delivery


5.0(2) · Fitness equipment wholesaler


Open ⋅ Closes 6 pm · 024 618 0909


5.0(1) · Sporting goods store


Open ⋅ Closes 5 pm · 020 946 9503

“Bought a gym dumbell from them, their service is top notch

Muscly Fitness Shop Ghana

No reviews · Exercise equipment store


Open ⋅ Closes 8 pm · 055 301 8333

In-store shopping·Kerbside pickup·Delivery

Haramani Sports

3.8(17) · Sportswear store


Open ⋅ Closes 5 pm · 030 267 2903

In-store shopping·Delivery

Review of dumbell for sale in Ghana:

However, I can give you some general tips to consider when reviewing dumbbells:


To obtain a sense of the market pricing for dumbbells in Ghana, compare prices from several merchants or suppliers. 

Think about the cost in light of the durability and quality of the dumbbells.

Comfort and Grip:

Evaluate the grip and handle layout. To provide a secure grasp during exercises, choose for dumbbells with ergonomic grips. Certain dumbbells may have textured or knurled grips for better grip, which is advantageous for perspiring hands during strenuous exercises.

Weight Range and Increments:

Evaluate the dumbbells’ weight range and increments. 

Be sure they offer weight options appropriate for your fitness progression and goals. 

Condition: If you’re considering used dumbbells, carefully assess their condition. Look for any signs of damage, rust, or loose parts that may affect their functionality. Ensure that the dumbbells are in good working order before making a purchase.

Quality and Durability:

Use dumbbells made of sturdy materials like steel or cast iron. 

Make sure the construction is strong and stable, with properly sized weight plates and reliable fastening systems.

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