Earbuds For Sale In Ghana

Earbuds For Sale In Ghana

What are the affordable priced earbud in Ghana:

Here are a few affordable earbud brands that you can consider:


Xiaomi sells reasonably priced earphones with respectable functionality and sound quality. 

Products like the Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Earbuds Basic and Xiaomi Redmi Airdots are frequently offered at reasonable costs.


Skullcandy is renowned for its fashionable and inexpensive earbuds. 

For reasonably priced options, consider the Skullcandy Ink’d, Skullcandy Jib, or Skullcandy Smokin’ Buds models.


Anker Soundcore:

At affordable rates, Anker Soundcore makes earbuds with good audio quality and lasting power. 

Popular, cheap options include the Anker Soundcore Life P2 and Soundcore Liberty Air 2.


JBL has a selection of reasonably priced, long-lasting earbuds with good sound quality. 

Prices for models like the JBL T110 and JBL C100SI are frequently affordable.


Unpopular brand Tribit sells reasonably priced earphones with good sound and longevity. 

Consider the Tribit FlyBuds series, including the Tribit FlyBuds 3 and FlyBuds NC.

Here are a few reasonably priced Earbuds that are popular in Ghana:

Here are some options:

Xiaomi Redmi Airdots: Xiaomi is recognized for providing good value, and the Redmi Airdots give respectable sound quality and a price that is reasonable.

JBL Free X:

JBL is a trusted name in the audio industry. 

The JBL Free X is a well-liked option because to its sound quality and cozy fi


Sony WF-XB700:

The WF-XB700 from Sony, which is renowned for its audio prowess, is a stylish, cost-effective alternative with good bass response.

SoundPEATS TrueFree+: These earbuds provide a great balance of sound quality, comfort, and price.

OnePlus Buds: The OnePlus Buds provide good sound quality and a comfortable fit if you’re seeking for a more luxury feel at an affordable price.

List Of expensive earbud For Sale In Ghana and Their Prices?

Bang & Olufsen Beoplay E8 Sport – Designed for active lifestyles, these earbuds from B&O combine premium sound quality, water resistance, and a stylish design. Price: around $350.

Apple AirPods Pro – These premium true wireless earbuds from Apple offer active noise cancellation, a customizable fit, and seamless integration with Apple devices. Price: around $249.

Bose QuietComfort Earbuds – Bose’s flagship true wireless earbuds provide exceptional noise cancellation, impressive sound quality, and a comfortable fit. Price: around $279.

Sony WF-1000XM4 – Sony’s flagship true wireless earbuds feature excellent sound quality, industry-leading noise cancellation, and advanced features. Price: around $279.

Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2 – Known for their exceptional sound quality and comfortable fit, these earbuds offer premium audio performance. Price: around $299.

Master & Dynamic MW07 Plus – These high-end true wireless earbuds offer a luxurious design, excellent sound quality, and long battery life. Price: around $299.

Shure Aonic 215 – These wired earbuds from Shure are known for their studio-grade sound, detachable cables, and durable construction. Price: around $199.

Jabra Elite 85t – With advanced noise cancellation, customizable sound profiles, and a comfortable fit, these earbuds deliver a premium audio experience. Price: around $229.

List Of Affordable earbuds For Sale In Ghana and Their Prices;

Here is a list of affordable earbuds that are commonly available and their approximate prices. Please note that prices can vary depending on the retailer and location in Ghana:

True wireless earbuds from SoundPEATS come in a variety of types that are reasonably priced, have good sound quality, and are easy to wear. 

Price: Depending on the model, between GHS 150 and GHS 300.

Anker Soundcore Life P2 – These earbuds are reasonably priced and offer good sound quality, a secure fit, and a long battery life. 

Price: between 200 and 250 GHS.

These truly wireless earphones from Xiaomi, the Redmi Airdots, have good sound quality and are reasonably priced. 

Price: between 100 and 150 GHS.

List Of Used earbuds For Sale In Gh and Their Prices:

I advise looking up used earphones for sale in Ghana on local classified ad websites, internet markets, or social media groups for buying and selling used goods. 

These online marketplaces frequently have postings from people selling used earphones, and you can get in touch with the sellers to ask about the precise models they have and to bargain for a better deal.

It’s crucial to use caution, confirm the item’s condition, and make sure the seller is reliable when buying used electronics. 

To make sure the earbuds are in good functioning order, it’s also a good idea to inspect and test them completely before making a purchase.

Where to buy earbuds in Ghana:

Get4Less Ghana

4.4(268) · Electronics store

Accra · 050 029 0290

Open ⋅ Closes 6 pm

In-store shopping·In-store pick-up·Delivery

QuteShop Ghana

No reviews · Electronics store

BOX AN15153 Accra · 054 563 7422

In-store shopping·In-store pick-up·Delivery

Rulliu Ghana

5.0(2) · Electronics store

Accra · 055 911 3528

Open ⋅ Closes 5 pm

In-store shopping·In-store pick-up·Delivery

Budget Gadgets Store

4.7(3) · Electronics store


Open ⋅ Closes 9 pm · 026 937 5398

In-store shopping·In-store pick-up·Delivery

Apple Club Gh/WorkSmart Shop

3.9(13) · Computer store


Open ⋅ Closes 6 pm · 030 291 8370

In-store shopping·In-store pick-up·Delivery

Review of earbud for sale in Ghana;

It’s beneficial to take into account aspects like audio quality, comfort, battery life, connectivity possibilities, and optional features like active noise cancellation or water resistance. 

Making an informed decision can also be helped by reading expert and customer reviews.

I advise browsing reputable technology websites, internet marketplaces, or neighborhood electronics shops in Ghana to learn more about your selections and browse consumer reviews. 

This will enable you to learn more about the particular earphones you are considering and make a better informed choice based on your unique requirements and preferences.

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