Electric Bicycle For Sale In Ghana

Electric Bicycle For Sale In Ghana

What are the Affordably purchased electric bicycle in Ghana

Here are a few examples:

ECOTRIC Fat Tire Electric Bike:

Off-road and all-terrain electric bikes with fat tires are available from ECOTRIC. 

They are renowned for being reasonably priced.

Ancheer Electric Mountain Bike

:Ancheer is a well-known company that sells inexpensive electric bicycles that are appropriate for a variety of terrains.

FIIDO D2 Folding Electric Bike: Another company that sells reasonably priced electric bicycles that are suited for city commuting is FIIDO.

Swagtron EB-5 Folding Electric Bike: The portability and cost of this little, foldable electric bike are well recognized.

Here are a few reasonably priced Electric Bike that are popular in Ghana:

Here are a few reasonably priced electric bike options that are generally known for their affordability:

Razor EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter: The portability and cost of this little, foldable electric bike are well recognized.

Swagtron EB-5 Folding Electric Bike: This compact and lightweight folding electric bike is known for its affordability and versatility. It’s a popular choice for urban commuting.

ECOTRIC Electric Bike: ECOTRIC sells a range of electric bicycles for reasonable prices. They have versions made for various terrains, such as fat tire bikes for riding off-road.

NAKTO Electric Bike: Electric bikes from NAKTO are affordably priced and frequently recognized for their excellent value. They provide choices including cruiser bikes, foldable bikes, and commuter cycles.

Ancheer Electric Bike: Ancheer offers a range of affordable electric bikes suitable for different purposes, including mountain bikes, folding bikes, and commuter bikes.

List Of expensive Electric Bike For Sale In Ghana and Their Prices?

Bulls: A variety of high-quality electric bikes, including mountain bikes, road bikes, and urban cycles, are available from the German company Bulls. Electric bikes made by Bulls are renowned for their power, toughness, and adaptability.


An extensive selection of electric bikes from the well-known brand Specialized are available for a variety of uses, including road riding, mountain biking, and commuting. Their electric bicycles are renowned for their high caliber, potency, and cutting-edge features. Depending on the type and features, Specialized electric bikes can cost anywhere from $2,500 to $10,000 or more.


Trek is another popular brand that offers a selection of electric bikes suitable for different riding styles. They have models designed for mountain biking, commuting, and leisure riding. Trek electric bikes typically range in price from $2,000 to $8,000 or more, depending on the model and specifications.

Stromer: Swiss company Stromer is well-known for its high-performance electric bicycles. They frequently use cutting-edge technology, strong motors, and long-range batteries in their models. Depending on the type and features, Stromer electric bikes can cost anywhere from $3,000 to $10,000 or more.

List Of Affordable Electric Bike For Sale In Ghana and Their Prices:

can provide you with some general information on affordable electric bike brands and price ranges.

When looking for affordable electric bikes in Ghana, you can consider brands that offer budget-friendly options without compromising on quality and performance. Here are a few brands that are known for their reasonably priced electric bikes:

Ancheer: Mountain bikes, foldable bikes, and commuting cycles are just a few of the versatile electric bikes that Ancheer has to offer. Depending on the model and specs, Ancheer electric bikes can range in price from $500 to $1,500 or even more.

Ecotric: A company called Ecotric specializes in reasonably priced electric bikes, with an emphasis on commuting and recreational riding. They have several different versions available, such as folding bikes and cycles with big tires. Depending on the type and features, Ecotric electric bikes typically cost between $700 and $1,500 or more.


A company called Swagtron is well-known for its selection of inexpensive electric bikes and scooters. They have a variety of models that are appropriate for both leisure and urban commuting. Depending on the type and specs, Swagtron electric bikes typically cost $500 to $1,000 or more.


Mountain bikes, foldable bikes, and commuting cycles are just a few of the versatile electric bikes that Ancheer has to offer. Depending on the model and specs, Ancheer electric bikes can range in price from $500 to $1,500 or even more.

List Of Used Electric Bike For Sale In Gh and Their Prices:

There are several platforms and websites where you can find used electric bikes for sale in Ghana. Some popular online marketplaces and classified ad websites in Ghana where you might find listings for used electric bikes include:

  1. Tonaton Ghana: www.tonaton.com
  2. Jiji Ghana: www.jiji.com.gh
  3. OLX Ghana: www.olx.com.gh

I suggest going to these websites and searching for used electric bikes in your preferred price range using their search filters. You can filter the listings depending on your interests, including brand, condition, and price, as well as your area. In this manner, you can locate a range of choices and evaluate costs to make an informed choice.

When buying a secondhand electric bike, it’s critical to give it a close look, assess its condition, inquire about the battery’s health, and, if possible, confirm its history. It’s also a good idea to meet the seller in person, test ride the bike, and ensure that it meets your requirements and preferences.

Where to buy Electric Bike in Ghana:

Scorcher e-bikes

4.5(2) · Bicycle store


Closes soon ⋅ 6 pm

In-store shopping·Delivery

Sarpong fixing bike enterprise

5.0(3) · Used bicycle shop

Accra · 055 845 6365

Open 24 hours

In-store shopping·Delivery

Jacob Motor and Bicycle Ventures

2.0(1) · Bicycle store


Closes soon ⋅ 6 pm

In-store shopping·Delivery

Jacob Motor and Bicycle Ventures
(1) · Bicycle store
Closes soon ⋅ 6 pm
In-store shopping·

Review of Electric Bike for sale in Ghana:

Brand Reputation:

To determine the overall quality and dependability of a brand, check out its reputation and client testimonials. A higher likelihood of obtaining a high-quality electric bike is sometimes indicated by reputable brands with favorable evaluations.

Motor and Battery:

Take into account the motor’s strength and efficiency in the electric bike. Find out the wattage, torque, and efficiency of the motor. Check the battery’s parameters, including its range, voltage, and capacity, as well. A higher capacity battery may provide longer rides.

Build Quality and Components: Check the electric bike’s overall construction, paying attention to the frame, any applicable suspension, and other parts like the brakes, gears, and tires. Choose components from reputed suppliers that are dependable and long-lasting.

Features and Accessories: Analyze the extra options and gear that the electric bike offers. This might incorporate features like built-in lighting, a display screen that shows battery life and speed data, fenders, racks, or a suspension system.

User Reviews:

Look for customer feedback or endorsements from people who have bought and utilized the particular model you are interested in. This can give information about the electric bike’s actual performance, comfort, and level of pleasure.

Test Ride:

Try to test-ride the electric bike whenever you can before buying it. This will give you a firsthand experience of its ride quality, comfort, and handling.

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