ESUT Accommodation Portal Login

ESUT Accommodation Portal Login

The ESUT Accommodation Portal Login – has been enabled by the Enugu State University of Science and Technology . Follow these simple steps to Access and use the portal .

ESUT Accommodation Portal Eligibility

  • Prospective students
  • First year students
  • Continuing/Returning Students

Why Do I Need An Accommodation Portal ?

Various experts explain how accommodation provides students with a “sense of belonging and security,” which can encourage them to “take on the risks and challenges of higher education, and to achieve the associated academic and life growth.” This portal is where you register your details to apply to live in accommodation.

We are pleaseed to inform you about ESUT Hostel Portal- Forms, Booking, Rooms, Accommodation Fees & Pictures for 2022-2023 Academic Year

How to Apply for ESUT Hostel

1. After the payment of school fees, click on the accommodation tab to apply for hostel.

2. Select the desired hostel from the list.

3. If the desired hostel is not available, select the next available hostel of your choice and complete any other info you are asked to fill.

4. Click on submit to complete the application process.

5. Create Payment ticket and then pay

Both old and new students that wish to stay in school hostel are expected to apply for hostel online

If you are a new student and you have paid your school fees, you are to eligible to apply for hostel online

Contact Enugu State University of Science and Technology, Enugu

Office of the Vice-Chancellor

+234 (0) 811-369-3800
Deputy Vice-Chancellor
Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor

+234 (0) 811-369-3801
Office of the Registrar

+234 (0) 811-369-3802
Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor

+234 (0) 811-369-3803
Library Services
Office of the University Librarian

+234 (0) 811-369-3804
Office of the Deputy Registrar (Admissions)

+234 (0) 811-369-3827
Records/Transcripts Matters
Office of the Deputy Registrar (Records)

+234 (0) 811-369-3831
Office of the Deputy Registrar (Exams)

+234 (0) 811-369-3830
Office of the Deputy Registrar (Council)

+234 (0) 811-369-3828
Office of the Deputy Registrar (Establishment)

+234 (0) 811-369-3829
Office of the Deputy Registrar (Senate)

+234 (0) 811-369-3832
Works & Estate
Office of the Director of Works & Estate

+234 (0) 811-369-3826
Public Relations Unit
Office of the PRO

+234 (0) 811-369-3824
Student’s Matters
Dean of Students Affairs

+234 (0) 811-369-3817
ICT Matters
Office of the ICTC Directorate

+234 (0) 811-369-3805
TETFund Desk Officer

+234 (0) 811-369-3835

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