Fabrics For Sale In Ghana

Fabrics For Sale In Ghana

What are the affordably purchase fabrics for sale in Ghana


A native fabric from Ghana called kente cloth is renowned for its elaborate and vibrant patterns. 

While some high-end Kente might be quite pricey, there are other less priced choices that are nonetheless exquisitely woven and highlight Ghana’s rich cultural heritage.


By using a conventional wax-resist dyeing procedure, batik fabric is made. 

It frequently has unusual, ornate, and multicolored motifs. 

Batik materials are reasonably priced and can be utilized for accessories, home decor, and clothes.


The Nigerian tie-dye cloth known as adire is also well-liked in Ghana. 

Its vivid and striking motifs are produced utilizing a range of dyeing techniques. 

Adire fabrics can be used for apparel and home décor and are frequently inexpensive.


A variety of cheap alternatives are available from the fabric brand Woodin in eye-catching hues and designs. 

It is a common material for both conventional and modern garments in Ghana.


Dashiki fabric is distinguished by its vivid, vibrant designs, which frequently include geometric motifs. 

It is frequently employed in the production of shirts, dresses, and other clothing. 

Several marketplaces and fabric shops carry dashiki fabrics at reasonable costs.

Wax Print (Ankara):

Ghana uses wax print cloth, also known as ankara, extensively because it is vibrant and colorful. 

It comes in a variety of pricing ranges, has eye-catching colors and motifs, and is a popular option for both casual wear and formal settings.

List Of Affordable Fabrics For Sale In Ghana and Their Prices:

Wax Print (Ankara):

Local Wax Print: GHC 10 – GHC 50 per yard

Imported Wax Print: GHC 20 – GHC 100 per yard


Traditional Handwoven Kente: GHC 50 – GHC 200 per yard (lower quality), GHC 250 – GHC 600 per yard (higher quality)

Machine-woven Kente: GHC 20 – GHC 100 per yard


Local Batik Fabric: GHC 15 – GHC 60 per yard

Imported Batik Fabric: GHC 30 – GHC 120 per yard


Adire Fabric: GHC 15 – GHC 60 per yard


Dashiki Fabric: GHC 15 – GHC 60 per yard


Woodin Fabric: GHC 25 – GHC 80 per yard

Polyester/Cotton Blend Fabrics:

GHC 8 – GHC 30 per yard

Lining Fabrics:

GHC 5 – GHC 15 per yard

List Of expensive Fabrics For Sale In Ghana and Their Prices;

Raw Silk:

Raw Silk Fabric: GHC 150 – GHC 500 per yard


Brocade Fabric: GHC 80 – GHC 300 per yard

High-Quality Handwoven Kente:

Intricate and Fine Kente: GHC 800 – GHC 3,000 per yard

Exquisite Kente with Gold Thread (Regal Kente): GHC 3,000 – GHC 10,000+ per yard


Silk Fabric (plain): GHC 150 – GHC 500 per yard

Silk Brocade: GHC 300 – GHC 800 per yard


French Lace: GHC 100 – GHC 400 per yard

Swiss Voile Lace: GHC 80 – GHC 350 per yard


High-quality Damask: GHC 150 – GHC 400 per yard


Velvet Fabric: GHC 100 – GHC 400 per yard


Organza Fabric: GHC 50 – GHC 200 per yard

List Of Affordable Fabrics For Sale In Ghana and Their Prices

Wax Print (Ankara):

Local Wax Print: GHC 10 – GHC 30 per yard

Imported Wax Print: GHC 20 – GHC 60 per yard

Kente-Inspired Print:

Kente-Inspired Fabric: GHC 10 – GHC 30 per yard

List Of Wholesale imported fabrics in Ghana:

Lace Fabrics: Ghana uses lace fabrics imported from countries like France, Switzerland, and Guipure extensively for formal attire and cultural events..

Ankara/Wax Prints: These vibrant and colorful African prints are highly popular in Ghana and are often imported from countries like Nigeria, the Netherlands, and China.

Chiffon: Lightweight and sheer chiffon is frequently imported and used to make dresses, blouses, and shawls.

Silk: Silk is a pricey material that is frequently imported for formal and high-end clothing..

Batik Fabrics:

Hand-dyed textiles known as batiks are prized for their distinctive patterns and vivid hues.


Plush fabrics like velvet are frequently used to create formal attire, evening dress, and furnishings

Organza: Wedding gowns, drapes, and tablecloths are frequently made of the sheer, crisp fabric known as organza..

Brocade: Brocade is a lavishly ornamental fabric that is frequently used for upholstery, ceremonial attire, and traditional apparel.


Smooth and shiny satin is a favorite material for lingerie, evening wear, and bedding..

African Prints:

Other African print textiles, such as Kente, Adinkra, and Bogolan, are also imported in bulk for a variety of purposes in addition to Ankara.

Where to buy Fabrics in Ghana:


4.3(196) · Fabric store

Accra · 030 282 3066

Open ⋅ Closes 6 pm

In-store shopping·In-store pick-up·Delivery

Anointed Quality Fabrics

4.3(21) · Fabric store

Accra · 054 273 1890

Open ⋅ Closes 7 pm

In-store shopping·In-store pick-up·Delivery


4.4(29) · Fabric store

Accra · 030 290 0437

Open ⋅ Closes 8:30 pm

In-store shopping·In-store pick-up·Delivery


4.8(5) · Fabric store


Open ⋅ Closes 6:30 pm · 024 680 1008

In-store shopping·In-store pick-up·Delivery

Keky3 Fabrics

4.4(5) · Fabric store


Open ⋅ Closes 6 pm · 024 511 5546

In-store shopping·In-store pick-up·Delivery

Review of fabrics for sale in Ghana;


Adinkra symbols, which are traditional West African visual symbols that express ideas and aphorisms, are used to design adinkra fabrics. 

These images have cultural value and are frequently linked to proverbs and wisdom.


Traditional Ghanaian cloth known as kente is composed of silk or cotton and is known for its vibrant geometric designs. 

It is frequently worn during ceremonies and special occasions because of its significant cultural and historical worth.

Wax Print (Ankara):

Wax print textiles, often known as Ankara, are vivid and striking. 

They have striking motifs and patterns made with wax-resistant dyeing methods. 


Fabric made from batik is dyed using a resist technique. Patterns are applied using wax or a similar substance, and then the fabric is dyed. The waxed areas resist the dye, creating unique and intricate designs. Batik fabrics are commonly used for garments, accessories, and home decor.

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