Football Boots For Sale In Ghana

Football Boots For Sale In Ghana:

Adidas Predator:

The ball handling and traction of the Adidas Predator line are renowned. 

Although certain high-end models can be pricey, you can frequently locate older models or more affordable variants that provide the same capabilities for a cheaper cost.

New Balance Furon: New Balance Furon boots are known for their lightweight construction and speed-oriented design. You may find budget-friendly options within the Furon range that offer good performance without breaking the bank.

Puma Future:

Puma Future boots are made for speed and agility. 

They frequently come in a variety of models with differing features and price points. 

For affordable options, look for entry-level or discounted models.

Under Armour Spotlight:

The Spotlight line from Under Armour delivers good traction and support. 

They can be a good alternative for people looking for reasonably priced football boots because they are typically priced competitively.

Nike Tiempo Legend:

For football players, the Nike Tiempo Legend is a popular option. 

For a fair price, it provides a decent mix of comfort, toughness, and performance. You can look for older models or discounted versions to find more affordable options.

Here are a few reasonably priced football boot that are popular in Ghana:

These boots are known for their performance, durability, and affordability:

Nike Phantom Vision Academy

Adidas Nemeziz 19.3

Puma Future 5.4

Under Armour Spotlight DL FG

New Balance Furon 6.0 Dispatch

These models frequently come in many versions or editions, so it’s important to investigate the precise variants within each range to find the best solution for your requirements and financial situation.

Visit regional sports shops, authorized merchants, or online football equipment marketplaces when looking for well-liked and reasonably priced football boots in Ghana. 

Moreover, keep an eye out for sales, promotions, or clearance sections because they may feature reduced prices or models from the previous season at less expensive costs.

List Of expensive football boot For Sale In Ghana and Their Prices?

Below are list of expensive football boot in Ghana

Nike Mercurial Superfly Elite

Adidas Predator Freak+

Puma Ultra SL

Under Armour ClutchFit Force 3.0

Mizuno Morelia Neo II

List Of Affordable football boot For Sale In Ghana and Their Prices:

Nike Tiempo Legend Academy

Puma Future Z 4.2

New Balance Furon 7.0 Dispatch

Under Armour Magnetico Select

Adidas X Ghosted.4

These models frequently come in a variety of variations or editions at various price points. 

It’s crucial to remember that the cost of football boots might vary depending on individual preferences and budgets

List Of imported football boot in Gh:


These models frequently come in a variety of variations or editions at various price points. 

It’s crucial to remember that the cost of football boots might vary depending on individual preferences and budgets.

Puma: Puma is known for its unique designs and focus on agility and speed. Their Puma One and Future series are often imported and favored by players looking for a combination of performance and style.


Nike is a well-known company that is renowned for its cutting-edge styles and innovations. 

They provide a variety of football footwear, including the Tiempo, Phantom, and Mercurial models.

New Balance:

The attention to detail and superior craftsmanship of New Balance are well renowned. 

Football players frequently choose their Furon and Tekela series.

Under Armour:

The market for football boots is seeing growth for the brand Under Armour. In order to accommodate various playing styles, they offer boots with attributes like speed, control, and comfort.

Where to buy football boot in Ghana:

Adidas Ghana

4.3(422) · Sportswear store

Accra · 054 505 5210

Closed ⋅ Opens 10 am Wed

Seen by shoppers: soccer cleats


5.0(3) · Sporting goods store

Accra · 024 665 9971

Open ⋅ Closes 8 pm

In-store shopping·In-store pick-up·Delivery

4.0(13) · Sportswear store

Accra · 054 980 7848

Open ⋅ Closes 7 pm

In-store shopping·In-store pick-up·Delivery

Decathlon Ghana – Junction Mall

4.5(640) · Sporting goods store


Open ⋅ Closes 7 pm · 059 417 7283

Seen by shoppers: soccer cleats

Review of Football boot for sale in Ghana:

Adidas Predator:

Boots made by Adidas called Predator are renowned for emphasizing ball control and accuracy. They include cutting-edge features including rubberized zones on the upper for better grip and swerve.

Puma Future: The Spotlight boots from Under Armour combine support and speed. To maximize acceleration, they have streamlined designs and lightweight components. Models in the Spotlight line come in a variety of versions to suit the preferences of various players.

Under Armour Spotlight: The Spotlight boots from Under Armour combine support and speed. To maximize acceleration, they have streamlined designs and lightweight components.

New Balance Furon:

New Balance Furon boots are designed for explosive speed and accuracy. They provide a balance of lightweight construction and stability on the field. The Furon series offers options suitable for players who prioritize agility and goal-scoring ability.

Nike Mercurial:

Boots made by Nike called Mercurial are renowned for their lightweight design and emphasis on speed. On the field, they provide exceptional traction and reactivity. Models like the Mercurial Superfly and Mercurial Vapor, which are made for various playing styles, are part of the line.

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