Furniture For Sale In Ghana

Furniture For Sale In Ghana

What are the affordable furniture to be sold in Ghana:

Here are some popular and relatively affordable furniture options in Ghana:

Basic and Minimalist Designs:

Using straightforward, minimalist furniture designs might assist reduce expenditures. 

Be away from complicated or highly customized items because they are usually more expensive. 

Choose furniture that is practical and serves your needs without extraneous adornments.

Locally Made Furniture:

Ghana has a robust furniture market, and buying locally produced furniture can frequently be less expensive than buying imported options. 

At marketplaces, furniture showrooms, and workshops all around the country, look for furniture created by regional craftsmen and artisans.

Second-hand or Used Furniture:

Investing in used furniture is a sensible choice financially. 

Online classifieds, second-hand shops, social media sites like Facebook Marketplace, and online forums devoted to buying and selling used goods are all places where you can find used furniture.

Ready-to-Assemble (RTA) Furniture:

RTA furniture, commonly referred to as flat-pack furniture, is made to be put together quickly by the customer. 

Because there are fewer labor requirements and cheaper shipping expenses, this type of furniture is frequently more economical. 

Check out the RTA furniture options that are offered by nearby furniture stores or online merchants.

Here are a few reasonably priced Furniture that are popular in Ghana:

Wooden Furniture:

There has a long history of woodworking in Ghana, and wooden furniture is commonly accessible. 

Search for furniture constructed from indigenous woods like cedar, mahogany, or teak. 

Hardwood furniture such as cupboards, tables, and chairs is widely available and reasonably priced

Upholstered Furniture:

There has a long history of woodworking in Ghana, and wooden furniture is commonly accessible. 

Search for furniture constructed from indigenous woods like cedar, mahogany, or teak. 

Hardwood furniture such as cupboards, tables, and chairs is widely available and reasonably priced

Plastic Furniture:

Another inexpensive option that is well-liked in Ghana is plastic furniture. 

Due to their affordability and ease of upkeep, plastic chairs, tables, and outdoor furniture are frequently utilized. 

They frequently come in a range of hues and patterns.

Second-Hand Furniture:

In Ghana, buying used furniture is prevalent and can be a great method to find options at reasonable prices. 

You can search for used furniture online, through classified advertisements, or at nearby flea markets. 

You should look into these possibilities since you might come upon some excellent savings.

Wicker Furniture:

In Ghana, it’s standard practice to purchase used furniture, and it can be a great method to locate inexpensive solutions. 

For secondhand furniture sales, you can look in your area’s flea markets, classifieds, or online marketplaces. 

List Of expensive Furniture For Sale In Ghana and Their Prices:

Designer Outdoor Furniture:

It can be quite expensive to purchase outdoor furniture created by well-known designers or luxury brands. 

They can include premium chaise lounges, outdoor dining sets, and furniture for the patio made of materials resistant to the elements.


Luxury Imported Furniture: High-end furniture brands from around the world offer luxurious options that can be quite expensive. These could include designer sofas, dining sets, bedroom furniture, and unique pieces made with high-quality materials.

Custom-Made Furniture:

You can have distinctive and personalized furniture tailored to your specifications by having it manufactured to order. 

Due of the artistry and individual care required, customization frequently costs more.

Antique Furniture:

Particularly those with historical value or superb craftsmanship, pieces of antique or vintage furniture are frequently pricey. 

Collectors and enthusiasts may be interested in these items.

High-End Bedroom Sets: Price points for opulent bedroom sets might be higher when they are built with high-quality components like solid wood, exquisite upholstery, and detailed workmanship.

List Of Affordable Furniture For Sale In Ghana and Their Prices


Single-seat: GHS 300 – GHS 1,000

Two-seater: GHS 600 – GHS 2,500

Three-seater: GHS 1,000 – GHS 5,000

Dining Sets:

Dining table with four chairs: GHS 500 – GHS 2,500

Dining table with six chairs: GHS 1,000 – GHS 4,000


Single bed frame: GHS 300 – GHS 1,500

Double bed frame: GHS 600 – GHS 3,000

Mattresses (depending on size and quality): GHS 200 – GHS 2,000


Single-door wardrobe: GHS 400 – GHS 1,500

Double-door wardrobe: GHS 800 – GHS 3,000

Triple-door wardrobe: GHS 1,500 – GHS 5,000

Coffee Tables: GHS 200 – GHS 1,000

TV Stands: GHS 300 – GHS 2,000

Office Desks: GHS 300 – GHS 1,500


Plastic chairs: GHS 20 – GHS 100

Wooden chairs: GHS 50 – GHS 200

Office chairs: GHS 100 – GHS 1,000

List Of Used Furniture For Sale In Gh and Their Prices;

Here are some common types of used furniture you might find and their approximate price ranges:

Used Sofas: GHS 200 – GHS 2,000

Used Dining Sets: GHS 300 – GHS 3,000

Used Beds: GHS 200 – GHS 2,000 (including frame and mattress)

Used Wardrobes: GHS 200 – GHS 2,000

Used Coffee Tables: GHS 50 – GHS 500

Used TV Stands: GHS 100 – GHS 1,000

Used Office Desks: GHS 100 – GHS 1,500

Used Chairs: GHS 20 – GHS 500 (depending on type and condition)

Where to buy Furniture in Ghana:

Furniture Stores:

In Ghana, there are many furniture stores spread throughout the country’s cities and communities. 

These shops focus on selling a variety of furniture pieces for various uses, including living room furniture, bedroom sets, dining sets, and office furniture. 

Many well-known furniture stores in Ghana

a include:

Orca Deco

Casa Trasacco

Kingdom Furniture

Furniture City

Woodcrest Ghana

Melcom Plus

Online Marketplaces:

Online marketplaces offer a huge assortment of furniture items as e-commerce has become more popular in Ghana. 

In Ghana, several well-known websites where you may purchase furniture include:

Tonaton (

Jumia Ghana (

OLX Ghana (

Cheki Ghana (

Secondhand/Used Furniture Markets:

You might search into used or secondhand furniture markets if you’re looking for more economical solutions. 

These markets provide a selection of used furniture at discounted rates. 

The following Ghanaian regions have marketplaces for used furniture:

Kaneshie Market (Accra)

Suame Magazine (Kumasi)

Kejetia Market (Kumasi)

Agbogbloshie Market (Accra)

Custom Furniture Makers:

You might think about contacting nearby carpenters and furniture manufacturers if you have certain design requirements or need furniture that is uniquely made for you. 

They can design special pieces that are fitted to your requirements.

Furniture Exhibitions and Fairs:

Watch for furniture fairs and exhibitions that are hosted in significant cities like Accra and Kumasi. 

These gatherings enable different furniture vendors to display their goods in one place.

Review of Furniture for sale in Ghana:

Size and Scale:

Make sure the furniture’s measurements match the available space by measuring the area where you plan to install it. 

Think about the furniture’s size in relation to other items in the space.


Analyze the furniture’s construction, materials, and general level of craftsmanship. 

Keep an eye out for strong frames, long-lasting upholstery or coatings, and well-built joints.


Test the comfort level by sitting on couches or chairs. 

Consider details like armrest height, back support, and cushioning. 

For beds, lie down and evaluate the support and comfort of the mattress.


When considering old furniture, thoroughly examine it to look for evidence of damage, wear and tear, or structural problems. 

Examine the upholstery for rips or stains and loose joints.

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