List Of German Schools In Ghana

List Of German Schools In Ghana

What is the list of German Schools In Ghana? German Schools in Ghana” refers to educational facilities in Ghana that are associated with or funded by the German government or organizations that use a curriculum or instructional strategy that is similar to that of Germany. These institutions provide instruction that is influenced by the German educational framework and frequently incorporate elements of German culture and language into their curricula.

General Courses Offered In German Schools In Ghana

Depending on the type of institution, grade levels, and curriculum they follow, several courses may be given in German schools in Ghana. But we can provide you with a broad overview of the kinds of courses that these schools might offer:

  • German Language Courses: German language instruction is a top priority at the majority of Ghanaian German schools. To aid students in honing their language skills, they often provide courses at various competency levels, from beginning to advanced.
  • Mathematics: In most educational systems, including German-style schools in Ghana, mathematics is a core subject. Mathematics principles and problem-solving techniques are taught to students.
  • Science: Biology, chemistry, and physics are common topics covered in science classes where students learn about the natural world and scientific ideas.
  • Social Studies: History, geography, politics, and economics are some of the subjects covered in social studies classes, which can help students better comprehend their surroundings.
  • English Language: In Ghanaian schools, including those with German connections, English is typically taught as a key subject. It is crucial for communication and is frequently taught in schools.
  • Physical Education: Through sports, exercise, and games, physical education classes emphasize the promotion of physical fitness, good sportsmanship, and teamwork.
  • Arts and Music:To promote creativity and self-expression, many schools include music and art lessons in their curricula.
  • Computer Science: Computer science courses may be available to teach pupils coding and computer abilities in the current digital era.
  • Religious Studies: Religious studies may be provided to examine diverse religious beliefs and practices, depending on the policies of the school and the desires of the students and parents.
  • Electives: Schools may provide a range of elective courses, allowing students to select topics of interest outside of the required disciplines. They could involve further language study, more challenging scientific or math coursework, and other things.
  • Extracurricular Activities: To broaden students’ experiences and interests, German schools in Ghana may also provide extracurricular activities, including clubs, sports teams, and cultural events.

Admission Requirement For German Schools In Ghana

Admission requirements for German Schools in Ghana vary based on school type, education level, and adherence to Ghanaian or German educational systems:

  • Age Eligibility:Admission to primary and secondary schools is frequently determined on the student’s age. For instance, pupils normally start elementary school at the age of six and senior school around the age of eleven.
  • Language Proficiency:German language proficiency may be a requirement for enrollment at German schools, particularly those that use the German curriculum. Assessments or tests of language skills could be required as part of the admissions process.
  • Previous Academic Records: Schools may require transcripts or academic records from the student’s previous school to assess their eligibility for admission. This is especially important for secondary schools or international schools.
  • Interview or Entrance Examination: To evaluate a student’s ability or topic knowledge, certain schools may have entrance interviews or exams. In secondary schools, this is more typical.
  • Visa or Residence Permit: The student may need to show documentation of a current visa or residence permit in order to study in Ghana if they are not citizens of Ghana.
  • Medical Examination: To ensure the student’s health, certain schools could ask for a medical checkup or a certificate of good health.
  • Parental Consent and Documentation: As part of the admissions process, parents or guardians could be required to give their permission as well as certain documents, like birth certificates and identification.
  • Application Forms and Fees:You will typically need to submit an application form along with a fee if you want to attend a school. The admissions office or website of the institution is typically where you can get these forms.
  • Application Deadlines: Pay attention to the application deadlines set forth by the school. It’s important to submit applications on time because many institutions have deadlines.
  • Other Specific Requirements: There may be additional requirements or criteria for admission, such as recommendations, essays, or portfolios for certain programs, depending on the school.

List of German Schools In Ghana

German International School, Accra (GISA)

Address : Ring Road Central, Accra
Phone number : 030 222 3522

Confidence International German School

Address : Ablekuma New Town

Goethe-Institut Ghana

Address : 30 Kakramadu Rd, Accra
Phone number : 053 328 4731

Learn Deutsch Gh – Language School

Address : Nii Adjetey Ave, Ogbodjo
Phone number : 054 452 2421

Fast Track German Institute

Address : Accra
Phone number : 054 145 0041

Learn German Ghana

Address : Mox Flex Studios, B30/12, Awoshie
Areas served: Accra and nearby areas
Phone number : 020 570 6589

Das Sprachinstitut

Address : HP43+65H, Opposite Regent University, Accra
Phone number : 059 500 7076

German Ghanaian School

Address : Off Foase ohwimase road, Kumasi
Phone number : 055 321 4489

Frequently Asked Questions About German Schools In Ghana

What is the German language proficiency test in Ghana?

The Zertifikat Deutsch, sometimes known as ZD, is an exam that measures proficiency in the German language. It evaluates competency at a level that corresponds to level B2 on the six-level Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) scale of competence.

What is the usual language test for German?

The TestDaF is acknowledged as a German language proficiency test by the German government. The majority of German citizens who want to attend university take the TestDaF. Where/When: Contact a German university, an alternative language program, or the Goethe Institute for additional information.

How long does it take to get an A1 German certificate?

How Long Does It Take to Learn German (Realistically)?

Proficiency LevelDuration (20 lessons per week)
A1 (Lower Beginner)8 weeks (60-150 hours)
A2 (Upper Beginner)8 weeks (150-260 hours)
B1 (Lower Intermediate)8 weeks (260–490 hours)
B2 (Upper Intermediate)10 weeks (450–600 hours)

How much does it cost to study German in Ghana?


8 WeeksB12.200 GHS
8 WeeksB22.500 GHS

How do I prepare for the German language test?

Read German books and newspapers, watch German movies and TV shows, and listen to German music. Practice makes perfect: Learning German requires practice just like any other ability. As much as you can, practice your speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills.

How difficult is the German language exam?

Typically, it takes 300 to 600 hours of study to reach the B1 level. The Goethe-Institut advises studying for the B2 test for closer to 800 hours because the challenge starts to increase at this level. Being able to utilize the language as it is in everyday circumstances is crucial at this level.

How do I pass a German-speaking exam?

It takes more than just using the right words and phrases to succeed in a German oral test. Additionally, your posture, eye contact, and general manner are important. These are important elements of your speaking abilities. It is crucial to practice speaking German in front of a mirror because of this.

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