Ghana Institute of Languages (GIL) Certificate Courses

Ghana Institute of Languages (GIL) Certificate Courses


TThe School of Languages runs certificate courses in language proficiency in line with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) at the following levels:
• Beginner [A1; A2]
• Intermediate [B1; B2]
• Advanced [C1]

Duration of Courses

All the language programmes run three hours a day, five days a week for 14 weeks to give maximum proficiency.

Time Table

There are morning classes (9am to 12noon); afternoon classes (1pm to 4pm) and evening classes (5:30pm to 8:30pm)

2. Arabic Diploma

This is a special course for teachers of Arabic at the Basic and SHS levels.

3. BA (Arabic Education) in affiliation with Attadamoun French-Arabic University of Niger.

2. Special Course

The School of Languages organises special courses on demand for individuals, groups and corporate entities to suit their specific language needs and convenience.

Programme Schedules

1st Session: September to December
2nd Session: January to April
Sandwich Programme: April to August
Vacation Course: July to August

Admission Requirements

Language proficiency programmes:

Proof of nationality:

a. Birth certificate or passport

b. Passport-size picture

Arabic Diploma:

a. Certificate in Arabic, PLUS

b. A pass in an entrance examination

c. A pass in an interview

BA (Arabic Education):

a. Passes in five subjects at the WASSCE plus Certificate in Arabic, OR

b. GIL Arabic Diploma or similar qualification, PLUS

c. A pass in an entrance examination

d. A pass in an interview